Louis-Dominique Dubeau

Louis-Dominique Dubeau began his relationship with the DDB while he was still working as a software engineer, dealing with the conversion of paper-based documents to semantically-rich electronic databases based on SGML, XML or proprietary formats. He has also been involved with multiple Open Source projects including Linux and Hurd and with maintaining and enhancing an implementation of the Modula-3 language. Louis-Dominique wrote the first professional Document Type Definition (DTD) file for the DDB based on an analysis of the XML data files, which was in turn used as a template for the DTD of the DEALT. This was a vitally important step in the early XML development of this project.

Subsequently, Louis-Dominique returned to academia, entering the Ph.D. program in Religious Studies at the University of Virginia, where he has focused his research on Abhidharma texts, and has thus now also become a content contributor to the DDB. At the time of this most recent update, he is in the process of writing his dissertion.