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A. Charles Muller

A. Charles Muller teaches Buddhism, East Asian thought, and Digital Humanities at the University of Tokyo. He is the founder and chief editor of the Digital Dictionary of Buddhism, its companion Chinese-Japanese-Korean-Vietnamese/English Dictionary. He is also the founder and managing editor of the scholarly network H-Buddhism. His primary fields of research are Korean Buddhism and East Asian Yogācāra/Tathāgatagarbha thought, along with occasional forays into Zen, Confucianism, and Daoism. Recent publications include Korea's Great Buddhist-Confucian Debate: The Treatises of Chŏng Tojŏn (Sambong) and Hamhŏ Tŭkt’ong (Kihwa) (2015), A Korean-English Dictionary of Buddhist Terms (2014), and Wŏnhyo's Philosophy of Mind (2011). A full listing of his books and articles on these topics can be accessed through his web site, Resources for East Asian Language and Thought. [7/5/2017]

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