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[heart, mind]

心一境性 [one-pointedness of the mind]

心下劣 [discouragement]

心下劣性 [discouragement]

心不定 [the mind is unsettled]

心不捨 [not relinquishing]

心不散 [the mind is not scattered]

心不正 [thinking is not straight]

心不相應 [not concomitant with mind]

心不相應法 [factors not directly associated with mind]

心不相應行 [factors not directly associated with a specific mental function]

心不相應行法 [mental factors not concomitant with mind]

心中 [in the mind]

心中愛 [desire in one's mind]

心之差別 [distinctions of (or within) the mind]

心乘 [mind-vehicle]

心亂 [distraction]

心亭 [pavilion of the mind]

心位 [states of mental activity]

心住 [mental state]

心佛 [buddha in the mind]

心佛及衆生 [the mind, Buddha, and sentient beings]

心佛及衆生是三無差別 [the mind, the Buddha, and all living beings—there is no distinction among the three]

心作 [karmic mental function]

心作用 [mental function]

心依處 [mental fixation/support]

心偈 [to mind verse]

心光 [light from a Buddha's mind]

心光明 [mental light]

心冰 [mind like ice]

心出家 [world-renunciant at heart]

心分別 [discrimination(s) of the mind]

心初起 [mind's initial movement]

心刹那 [thought-moment]

心刹那相應 [concomitant with the momentariness of mind]

心劍 [sword of the mind]

心力 [mental power]

心動 [motion of the mind]

心印 [mind-seal]

心原 [mind-source]

心厭離 [disgust]

心及心法 [mind and mental factors]

心友 [a friend]

心受 [mental feeling]

心口 [to mind and mouth]

心命 [mind-life]

心咒 [the mind-dhāraṇī]

心品 [mental qualities]

心善巧差別 [distinction in the skillful means of the mind]

心善解脫 [liberation of the mind]

心喜 [joyous-minded]

心器 [to mind as container]

心地 [mind ground]

心地戒 [mind ground precepts]

心地房 [Shinchi bō]

心地覺心 [Shinchi Kakushin]

心地觀經 [Sutra of Contemplation of the Mind Ground]

心垢 [mental pollution]

心垢衆生垢心淨衆生淨 [when the mind is soiled, O monks, sentient beings are soiled; when the mind is purified, sentient beings are also purified]

心城 [citadel of the mind]

心執 [mental attachment]

心執受 [mental appropriation]

心塵 [mind dust]

心境 [mind and (its) objects]

心境本寂 [mind and its objects are originally quiescent]

心境界 [objective realm of the mind]

心境界相 [mark of mental objects]

心外 [outside of the mind]

心外無佛 [outside of the mind there is noo Buddha]

心外無法 [nothing exists outside of the mind]

心大歡喜 [greatly elated]

心天華 [the coral tree]

心如工畫師 [the mind is like a painter]

心如意足 [concentration of mind as spiritual base]

心如金剛 [mind as hard as adamant]

心妄語 [to speak false words within the mind]

心學 [mental training]

心安 [mental serenity]

心安具足 [satisfies]

心宗 [Mind School]

心定 [mental equipoise]

心定勝行成就如意足 [basis of supernormal power which is endowed with the activities of endeavor and the concentration due to mind]

心寂靜 [mental quiescence]

心專注 [mental focus]

心差別 [mental discriminations]

心師 [mind as master]

心平等 [even-mindedness]

心得 [mental attainment]

心得內定 [mind attains internal concentration]

心得定 [the mind is fully concentrated]

心得自在 [mind attains mastery]

心得解脫 [mind attains freedom]

心心 [every mind]

心心所 [mind and mental factors]

心心所有法 [the mind and its mental factors]

心心所法 [mind and mental factors]

心心所種子 [seeds of mind and mental functions]

心心所行 [the activities of each person's mind]

心心數 [to mind and mental factors]

心心數法 [mind and mental factors]

心心法 [to mind and mental factors]

心心行 [mind and its functions]

心念 [mindfulness]

心念不空 [mindful and not vacant]

心念不空過 [keeping mindful [of the buddha] and not wasting time]

心念住 [foundation of mindfulness of thought]

心念口言 [to think of something, and to utter it]

心念處 [mindfulness of (the transience of) thought]

心思 [thoughts]

心思惟 [thinking]

心性 [mind-nature]

心性三千 [the mind-nature pervading a trichiliocosm]

心性下劣 [dissolute mind]

心性不生不滅 [the nature of the mind neither arises nor ceases]

心性本淨 [the nature of the mind is originally pure]

心悅 [joyous mind]

心悔 [repent inwardly]

心惑 [delusion]

心惱 [mental torment]

心想 [thought in the mind]

心想見倒 [distortions of the mind, of conceptualization, and of [mistaken] views]

心意 [mind (manas, cetas)]

心意意識 [the base mind]

心意識 [mind, thought, and cognition]

心意識理 [mind, mentation, and cognition]

心意識相品 [Chapter on the Characteristics of Mind, Mentation, and Cognition]

心慧 [wisdom of the mind]

心慧解脫 [liberation of through concentration and wisdom]

心慮 [thinking of things]

心懈怠 [lazy-minded]

心懷 [to harbor in one's mind]

心懷戀慕 [mind yearning for the Buddha]

心成一性 [unification of mind]

心戒 [mental moral discipline]

心所 [mental factors]

心所作 [created by the mind]

心所依 [basis of the mind]

心所執受 [appropriated by the mind]

心所念 [inclinations of one's mind]

心所有 [mental]

心所有法 [mental functions]

心所法 [mental factors]

心所行 [mental functions]

心所見 [that which is perceived by the mind]

心所轉 [transformed by mind]

心所領納 [experienced by the mind]

心持 [to maintain the mind]

心擾亂 [mental distress]

心散 [distraction]

心數 [mental factors]

心數法 [mental functions]

心智 [cognition of the mind]

心月 [mind as the moon]

心月輪 [turnings of the heart-moon]

心有堪能 [mental mastery (flexibility, adaptability, etc)]

心根 [mental faculty]

心極 [mind's extreme]

心樂 [mental pleasure]

心樂住 [the mind abiding where it is comfortable]

心機 [activation of the mind]

心歡喜 [happy in spirit]

心水 [to mind like water]

心決定 [mind is focused]

心法 [the dharma of mind]

心法智 [wisdom of mental factors]

心法身 [mind as reality-body]

心波 [mind waves]

心流 [mind-stream]

心海 [mind-sea]

心淨 [purity of mind]

心混濁 [turbidity of the mind]

心淸淨 [mind's (original) purity]

心淸淨行 [practices of mental purification]

心淸淨行苾芻 [a monk practicing mental purity]

心源 [fountainhead of mind]

心滅 [cessation of mind]

心澄淨 [purity of mind]

心無厭足 [insatiability]

心無宗 [school [propounding the doctrine that] mind does not exist]

心無差別 [non-difference between the minds [of buddhas and sentient beings]]

心無怯劣 [dauntless mind]

心無所住 [the mind lacks a set place of abiding]

心無繫 [unfettered mind]

心無間 [mind without interruption]

心無雜染 [mind is unsullied]

心煩 [mental disturbance]

心燈 [mind-lamp]

心營世務 [one's mind is busy with one's worldly occupation]

心狂 [mentally disturbed]

心狂亂 [mentally disturbed]

心猿 [monkey-like mind]

心王 [mind-king]

心王如來 [mind-king tathāgata]

心王心所 [mind and mental factors]

心珠 [mind-jewel]

心理 [principle of the mind]

心甚歡喜 [profoundly delighted in one's heart]

心生 [arising of mind]

心生厭惡 [become disillusioned with]

心生厭離 [to become disgusted [with the world of suffering]]

心生歡喜 [rejoices in one's heart]

心生淨信 [to give rise in one's mind to pure faith]

心生滅 [arising and ceasing of the mind]

心生滅因緣相 [the mind in its aspect of arising and ceasing according to causes and conditions]

心生滅心 [mind of arising and ceasing]

心生滅門 [arising and ceasing aspect of the mind]

心生退屈 [disheartened]

心生驚怖 [become frightened]

心田 [mind-field]

心界 [mental realm(s)]

心病 [mental disease]

心發正願 [mentally arouses the correct vow]

心目 [to mind and eye]

心相 [mind as it is]

心相應 [mental functions (factors) directly associated with the mind]

心相應所 [factors associated with mind]

心相應行 [activity associated with mind]

心相續 [continuance of the mental stream]

心相體信 [to mind to interact and trust]

心眞 [true nature of the mind]

心眞如 [the mind in its aspect of suchness]

心眞如門 [true thusness aspect of the mind]

心眞實 [mind is authentic]

心眼 [mind's eye]

心神 [mind as spirit]

心神足 [concentration power]

心種子 [seeds of mind]

心種類 [a kind of mind]

心空 [to mind is empty]

心等 [mind and so forth]

心經 [Heart Sūtra]

心經贊 [Explication of the Heart Sūtra]

心緣 [mental cognition of the environment]

心縛 [fettered mind]

心繫著 [mental attachment]

心脫 [liberation of the mind]

心自在 [unobstructed mind]

心自在地 [stage of unimpeded mental function]

心自在者 [he whose mind is free]

心自在轉 [unobstructed mental transformation]

心自性 [intrinsic nature of the mind]

心苦 [mental suffering]

心華 [mind-flower]

心蓮 [Shinren]

心藥 [medicine for the mind]

心處 [mind-field]

心行 [mental functions]

心行不離 [non-separation of the mind and its functions]

心行處滅 [to annihilating the locus of mental functioning]

心行處滅言語道斷 [annihilating the locus of mental functioning, cutting off the path of language]

心要 [core]

心觀 [contemplation of the mind]

心解 [one's mind is liberated]

心解脫 [mental liberation]

心調善 [sound state of mind]

心調柔 [pliancy (flexibility, gentleness) of the mind]

心論 [Heart Discourse]

心證 [witnessing the mind]

心識 [to mind and consciousness]

心變 [mental transformations]

心起 [the rising of thoughts in the mind]

心趣 [inclinations of the mind]

心趣入 [mental approach]

心跡 [marks of the mind]

心路 [mind-road]

心身 [to mind and body]

心輕安 [mental pliancy]

心轉 [mental transformation]

心轉善巧差別 [distinction in skillful means for transforming the mind (?)]

心迹 [mental traces]

心遠離 [mind that is removed [from afflictions, etc.]]

心量 [mental deliberation]

心鏡 [mind-mirror]

心鏡錄 [Record of the Mind Mirro]

心開 [awakening of the mind]

心靈 [mental luminosity]

心頭 [thought]

心願 [mental resolve]

心顚倒 [subtle wrong notions]

心香 [fragrance of the mind]

心馬 [horse-like mind]

心體 [essence of mind]

心體離念 [the essence of the mind is free from thought]

心鬼 [perverse mind]

心魔 [demons of the mind]

心魔賊 [demons of the mind]

心麤重 [debilitations of thought]

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