DDB and CJKV-E Monthly New Entries August 2018

Significantly Revised

賴吒和羅 [Rāṣṭrapāla] (Michael Radich)

貞慶 [Jōkei] (Charles Muller)

無性有情 [sentient beings who lack the nature of buddhahood] (Billy Brewster)

New Entries: 300 (DDB Total: 71,450)

諸法實相傳抄 [Oral Transmission About the Assertion that The True Aspect Is All Phenomena] {Giglio Emanuele Davide}

寶唱錄 [Baochangʼs Catalogue] {Jayarava Attwood}

梁世衆經目錄 [Catalog of Scriptures of the Liang Dynasty] {Jayarava Attwood}

角武事 [strenuous exercise] {Dan Lusthaus}

摴蒱 [board game that uses cowry shells for dice] {Dan Lusthaus}

摴蒲 [board game that uses cowry shells for dice] {Dan Lusthaus}

七士夫趣 [destinies of seven holy ones] {Billy Brewster}

九增上 [nine ways in which the twenty-two faculties play a predominant role] {Billy Brewster}

先尼婆蹉衢多羅 [Śreṇika Vatsagotra] {Billy Brewster}

八事倶生 [co-existence of eight constituents across the physical world] {Billy Brewster}

分別世品 [On the Discrimination of Mundane Things] {Billy Brewster}

分別定品 [On the Discrimination of Meditative Absorptions] {Billy Brewster}

性決定 [seeds have a determinate karmic nature] {Billy Brewster}

恆隨轉 [seeds functioning in tandem with their appropriate consciousness] {Billy Brewster}

慧暉 [Huihui] {Billy Brewster}

折路迦 [caterpillar] {Billy Brewster}

持世經 [Sutra of the World Upholder] {Billy Brewster}

自心智 [cognition of one’s own mind] {Billy Brewster}

上大人 [superior person] {Matthew McMullen}

不可思議解脫 [inconceivable liberation] {Matthew McMullen}

佛通寺派 [Butsutsūji ha] {Matthew McMullen}

佛鑑禪師 [Chan master Fojian] {Matthew McMullen}

備規 [Complete Regulations] {Matthew McMullen}

傳供 [traditional offerings] {Matthew McMullen}

別源 [Betsugen] {Matthew McMullen}

十八問 [eighteen questions] {Matthew McMullen}

十身調御 [controller of the ten bodies] {Matthew McMullen}

古林 [Gulin] {Matthew McMullen}

向嶽寺 [Kōgakuji] {Matthew McMullen}

向嶽寺派 [Kōgakuji Branch] {Matthew McMullen}

圓旨 [Enshi] {Matthew McMullen}

坦山 [Tanzan] {Matthew McMullen}

天柱集 [Tianzhuji] {Matthew McMullen}

宗門十規論 [Treatise on the Ten Regulations of the Chan Teachings] {Matthew McMullen}

客裡 [itinerant] {Matthew McMullen}

寶明空海 [empty sea of precious radiance] {Matthew McMullen}

寶林傳 [Biographies of Baolin] {Matthew McMullen}

寶海梵志 [brāhmaṇa *Ratnasāgara] {Matthew McMullen}

寶藏佛 [Precious Treasury Buddha] {Matthew McMullen}

岡田宜法 [Okada Gihō] {Matthew McMullen}

建仁寺派 [Kenninjiha] {Matthew McMullen}

弘戒法儀 [Regulations on the Full Precepts] {Matthew McMullen}

彌盧山 [Mt. Meru] {Matthew McMullen}

從香 [attending incense] {Matthew McMullen}

慈氏下生 [Maitreya descends and is reborn] {Matthew McMullen}

拔隊得勝 [Bassui Tokushō] {Matthew McMullen}

撲落 [to scatter] {Matthew McMullen}

文琇 [Wenxiu] {Matthew McMullen}

曹洞宗大學 [University of the Sōtō School] {Matthew McMullen}

有念無念 [existent thought and non-existent thought] {Matthew McMullen}

梅峯 [Maifu] {Matthew McMullen}

梵僊 [Fanxian] {Matthew McMullen}

梵閣 [Indian temple] {Matthew McMullen}

毘藍園 [Lumbinī] {Matthew McMullen}

沙彌律儀要略 [Abbreviated Essentials on the Precepts for Monks] {Matthew McMullen}

法中王 [dharma king] {Matthew McMullen}

法爾如然 [as things are] {Matthew McMullen}

法眼宗 [Fayanzong] {Matthew McMullen}

淨法界身 [body of the purified dharma realm] {Matthew McMullen}

淸茂 [Qingmao] {Matthew McMullen}

漢月法藏 [Hanyue Fazang] {Matthew McMullen}

瑞巖 [Ruiyan] {Matthew McMullen}

異安心 [differing from a stable mind] {Matthew McMullen}

眞實身 [real body] {Matthew McMullen}

眞言救世者 [mantra savior] {Matthew McMullen}

穆山 [Bokusan] {Matthew McMullen}

竺信 [Jikushin] {Matthew McMullen}

箬庵通問 [Ruoan Tongwen] {Matthew McMullen}

續燈存槀 [Xudeng cungao] {Matthew McMullen}

菴羅衞林 [mango grove] {Matthew McMullen}

被單 [bedding] {Matthew McMullen}

覺穩永本 [Kakuon Yōhon] {Matthew McMullen}

譬喩說 [parable] {Matthew McMullen}

鉢囊 [to bag for an alms bowl] {Matthew McMullen}

鉢袋 [bag for an almsbowl] {Matthew McMullen}

長翁如淨 [Zhangweng Rujing] {Matthew McMullen}

長靈守卓 [Zhangling Shouzhuo] {Matthew McMullen}

雉堞 [parapet] {Matthew McMullen}

顯權 [provisional] {Matthew McMullen}

飛單 [ledger] {Matthew McMullen}

龍惺 [Ryūsei] {Matthew McMullen}

三然燈 [the three lamplights] {Stefan Grace}

三燃燈 [the three lamplights] {Stefan Grace}

二儀兩懺 [the two types of repentance] {Stefan Grace}

二十五條衣 [twenty-five strip kaṣāya] {Stefan Grace}

二十年佛壽 [twenty years of the Buddhaʼs life] {Stefan Grace}

二十年遺恩 [a bequeathed blessing of twenty years] {Stefan Grace}

二時粥飯 [the two meal times] {Stefan Grace}

南山起雲北山下雨 [clouds rise over the southern mountain, rain falls on the northern mountain] {Stefan Grace}

南山道者語錄 [Nanzan Dōja goroku] {Stefan Grace}

南禪寺派 [Nanzenji branch] {Stefan Grace}

唆猫入枯井 [to convince a cat to enter a dry well] {Stefan Grace}

寒殺 [to give oneself up to the cold] {Stefan Grace}

寧謐 [calm] {Stefan Grace}

年中行事 [annual services] {Stefan Grace}

年朝 [New Year's Morning] {Stefan Grace}

年窮歲盡 [New Year's Eve] {Stefan Grace}

年齋 [New Year's banquet] {Stefan Grace}

念日 [twenty days] {Stefan Grace}

念經僧 [sutra-reading monk] {Stefan Grace}

念誦牌 [chanting notice-board] {Stefan Grace}

念起念滅 [thoughts arising, thoughts ceasing] {Stefan Grace}

拈不出 [to be unable to take out] {Stefan Grace}

拈來著著親 [extremely compliant actions] {Stefan Grace}

拈出 [to take out] {Stefan Grace}

拈却 [to take away] {Stefan Grace}

拈卻 [to take away] {Stefan Grace}

拈放 [to adopt or reject] {Stefan Grace}

拈竹篦 [to produce a bamboo clapper] {Stefan Grace}

拈笑宗英 [Nenshō Sōei] {Stefan Grace}

拈華釋迦 [Śākyamuni holding up a flower] {Stefan Grace}

拈評三百則 [Nenpyō sanbyaku soku] {Stefan Grace}

捏怪 [to do something strange] {Stefan Grace}

捺伏 [to suppress] {Stefan Grace}

日下孤燈 [single light in the sun] {Stefan Grace}

日下挑孤燈 [to carry a single light in the sun] {Stefan Grace}

日中行事 [regular daily services] {Stefan Grace}

日中諷經 [midday sutra reading] {Stefan Grace}

日午點燈 [to light a lamp during the day] {Stefan Grace}

日域神祇 [earth and heaven deities of the sunny land] {Stefan Grace}

日用規範 [Riyong guifan] {Stefan Grace}

日黃總簿 [yellow daily account notebook] {Stefan Grace}

曹山三然燈 [Caoshanʼs three lamplights] {Stefan Grace}

最乘寺 [Saijōji] {Stefan Grace}

正然燈 [the true lamplight] {Stefan Grace}

永澤寺 [Yōtakuji] {Stefan Grace}

涅槃上堂 [to ascend to the hall during the nirvana assembly] {Stefan Grace}

涅槃臺 [nirvana platform] {Stefan Grace}

涅槃頭 [nirvana hall chief] {Stefan Grace}

然燈前 [the prior lamplight] {Stefan Grace}

然燈後 [the latter lamplight] {Stefan Grace}

熱殺 [to give oneself up to heat] {Stefan Grace}

熱殺闍梨 [to give oneself up to heat] {Stefan Grace}

熱盌鳴聲 [hot water poured into a bowl makes a sound] {Stefan Grace}

燃燈前 [the previous lamplight] {Stefan Grace}

燃燈後 [the latter lamplight] {Stefan Grace}

燃犀 [to burn a horned bovine] {Stefan Grace}

燃犀眼 [the eye of burning horn] {Stefan Grace}

甚底 [why?] {Stefan Grace}

納所 [storage space] {Stefan Grace}

納被蒙頭 [to cover one's head with a coverlet] {Stefan Grace}

習儀 [rehearsal] {Stefan Grace}

肉團子 [lump of flesh] {Stefan Grace}

舊山宗英 [Kyūzan Sōei] {Stefan Grace}

遺恩 [bequeathed blessing] {Stefan Grace}

那斯祁 [this and that] {Stefan Grace}

那裏 [where?] {Stefan Grace}

那頭 [that; there; which?] {Stefan Grace}

一劫餘 [more than a kalpa] {Charles Muller}

一滴 [a single drop] {Charles Muller}

一經其耳 [to pass through the ears once] {Charles Muller}

一肩 [to one shoulder] {Charles Muller}

一顆 [one drop] {Charles Muller}

不吉 [unfortunate] {Charles Muller}

不墮惡趣 [does not fall into evil destinies] {Charles Muller}

不生疑 [does not give rise to doubt] {Charles Muller}

不缺戒 [infallibly observing the precept] {Charles Muller}

不貧 [not poor] {Charles Muller}

了卻 [to finish with] {Charles Muller}

交涉 [intercourse] {Charles Muller}

任他 [be it as it may] {Charles Muller}

任情 [selfish attitude] {Charles Muller}

侵擾 [to invade] {Charles Muller}

倉卒 [urgent] {Charles Muller}

倉猝 [urgent] {Charles Muller}

假饒 [although] {Charles Muller}

偏枯 [semi-paralysis] {Charles Muller}

優游 [unconstrained] {Charles Muller}

六代傳衣 [transmission of the Dharma robe through six generations] {Charles Muller}

六博 [ancient board game] {Charles Muller}

凌辱 [to persecute] {Charles Muller}

刀毒 [swords and poison] {Charles Muller}

動詞 [verb] {Charles Muller}

十二微妙上願 [twelve marvelous vows] {Charles Muller}

十六尊 [sixteen honored ones] {Charles Muller}

十殑伽沙 [ten times the number of grains of sand in the Ganges] {Charles Muller}

卽成 [to be completed at once] {Charles Muller}

只麼 [thus] {Charles Muller}

善星 [Sunakṣatra] {Charles Muller}

喚取 [to call] {Charles Muller}

四禪比丘 [fourth meditation bhikṣu] {Charles Muller}

在惡趣 [to exist in an evil destiny] {Charles Muller}

城闕 [walls and gates] {Charles Muller}

執指爲月 [to take the finger as the moon] {Charles Muller}

塵沙劫 [innumerable kalpas] {Charles Muller}

壅塞 [to block] {Charles Muller}

多不信 [much is not believed] {Charles Muller}

大哮吼 [great roar] {Charles Muller}

奔波 [devastating waves] {Charles Muller}

女百惡 [the hundred failings of women] {Charles Muller}

如來正法輪 [Tathāgata's wheel of the correct Dharma] {Charles Muller}

妙飮食 [excellent drink and food] {Charles Muller}

寶杖 [jeweled staff] {Charles Muller}

尋師訪道 [seeking teachers, inquiring about the Way] {Charles Muller}

居樓 [Kuru] {Charles Muller}

居樓國 [Kuru] {Charles Muller}

師子吼無畏說 [the fearless expounding in the lion's roar] {Charles Muller}

幽冥衆生 [benighted sentient beings] {Charles Muller}

彈棊 [ancient chess-like board game] {Charles Muller}

彈棋 [ancient chess-like board game] {Charles Muller}

彈碁 [ancient chess-like board game] {Charles Muller}

御士 [charioteer] {Charles Muller}

恣心 [selfish attitude] {Charles Muller}

悉令安住 [cause them all to stably abide] {Charles Muller}

惡夢 [bad dream] {Charles Muller}

惡時世 [evil age] {Charles Muller}

所印 [to be stamped] {Charles Muller}

所受用物 [things received for one's enjoyment] {Charles Muller}

所逼惱 [afflicted] {Charles Muller}

拔舌塵沙劫 [have one's tongue pulled out for innumerable eons] {Charles Muller}

撥因果 [reject cause and effect] {Charles Muller}

擲石 [throwing stones] {Charles Muller}

改變 [change] {Charles Muller}

放教 [be it as it may] {Charles Muller}

數句 [phrases in classical Chinese verse] {Charles Muller}

旃檀林無雜樹 [the sandalwood forest does not contain other kinds of trees] {Charles Muller}

早晚 [morning and evening] {Charles Muller}

明鑑 [clear mirror] {Charles Muller}

暫聞 [to hear momentarily] {Charles Muller}

曹谿 [Caoxi] {Charles Muller}

曼殊室利童子 [the youth Mañjuśrī] {Charles Muller}

本源自性天眞佛 [oneʼs original nature is, as it is, the Buddha as thusness] {Charles Muller}

松風 [breeze that makes a special sound as it blows through the pines] {Charles Muller}

極善思惟 [To consider very well] {Charles Muller}

榮辱 [glory and disgrace] {Charles Muller}

比來 [until now] {Charles Muller}

水泡 [bubbles] {Charles Muller}

永夜 [long night (of saṃsāra)] {Charles Muller}

求證 [to seek verification] {Charles Muller}

江月 [reflection of the moon in the flowing water of a river] {Charles Muller}

江月照松風吹 [moon shines in the river, the breezed blow through the pines] {Charles Muller}

法身覺了無一物 [in the enlightenment of the dharma-body, there is not a single thing] {Charles Muller}

淨無瑕 [spotless purity] {Charles Muller}

瀟灑 [unbridled] {Charles Muller}

灑甘露 [to sprinkle sweet dew] {Charles Muller}

無價珍 [priceless treasure] {Charles Muller}

無瑕穢 [spotless] {Charles Muller}

無空 [not empty] {Charles Muller}

無衣服 [no clothing] {Charles Muller}

焰網莊嚴 [adorned by a glowing net] {Charles Muller}

煎迫 [to be tormented] {Charles Muller}

琰魔法王 [Dharma King Yama] {Charles Muller}

瑩徹 [clear] {Charles Muller}

生陷墜 [to fall into hell while alive] {Charles Muller}

當刑戮 [to be executed] {Charles Muller}

直截根源 [directly remove the roots of saṃsāra] {Charles Muller}

空身 [empty body] {Charles Muller}

窮釋子 [poor Buddhists] {Charles Muller}

第七大願 [seventh great vow] {Charles Muller}

算沙 [to count sand] {Charles Muller}

算沙徒 [sand counters] {Charles Muller}

絕學無爲 [unconditioned, cut off from learning] {Charles Muller}

繁茂 [luxuriant growth] {Charles Muller}

繫閉 [to tether] {Charles Muller}

自性天眞佛 [self-nature is buddha, just as it is] {Charles Muller}

至心受持 [to maintain with one's entire mind] {Charles Muller}

莫謗 [do not] {Charles Muller}

莽莽 [ignorant(ly)] {Charles Muller}

莽莽蕩蕩 [densely growing and spreading out] {Charles Muller}

蒼卒 [urgent] {Charles Muller}

蕭灑 [unbridled] {Charles Muller}

蠱道 [method of incantations] {Charles Muller}

衆病逼切 [afflicted by various diseases] {Charles Muller}

行亦禪坐亦禪 [moving is Chan, sitting is Chan] {Charles Muller}

見稠林 [thicket of views] {Charles Muller}

認得 [to acknowledge] {Charles Muller}

諸寶 [all treasures] {Charles Muller}

諸根完具 [all sense organs intact] {Charles Muller}

賢劫十六尊 [sixteen honored ones of the bhadrakalpa] {Charles Muller}

走獸 [running beasts] {Charles Muller}

起屍 [necromantic demons] {Charles Muller}

身心安樂 [physical and mental comfort] {Charles Muller}

逆行 [to go backward] {Charles Muller}

逆行順行 [to go against and to go along with] {Charles Muller}

[strong] {Charles Muller}

造諸惡業 [to carry out various evil deeds] {Charles Muller}

野僧 [rustic monk] {Charles Muller}

金繩 [golden ropes] {Charles Muller}

鉢絡 [bag for an alms bowl] {Charles Muller}

銷融 [to melt completely] {Charles Muller}

銷除 [to dissolve] {Charles Muller}

[leisure] {Charles Muller}

閒道人 [people who calmly practice meditation in their leisure time] {Charles Muller}

閒閒 [to calm] {Charles Muller}

降龍缽 [dragon-subduing bowl] {Charles Muller}

雙忘 [both forgotten] {Charles Muller}

難可信解 [difficult to believe] {Charles Muller}

震法雷 [to arouse the thunder of the Dharma] {Charles Muller}

霧露 [frost and dew] {Charles Muller}

須那刹多羅 [(Skt. *sunakṣatra) ] {Charles Muller}

頑愚 [dull] {Charles Muller}

飛禽 [flying birds] {Charles Muller}

體安然 [essentially at peace] {Charles Muller}

體皆同 [of the same essence] {Charles Muller}

鬱密森沈 [deep in a dense forest] {Charles Muller}

默時說說時默 [when speaking, silent; when silent, speaking] {Charles Muller}

鼓樂 [to have a musical performance] {Charles Muller}

龍象蹴踏 [large elephants stampeding] {Charles Muller}

New CJKV-E entries: 232 (CJKV-E Total: 58,438)

摴蒱 [board game that uses cowry shells for dice] (Dan Lusthaus)

摴蒲 [board game that uses cowry shells for dice] (Dan Lusthaus)

五靈 [five kinds of mythical animals] (Yao Zhang)

人口稅 [poll tax] (Yao Zhang)

人頭稅 [poll tax] (Yao Zhang)

他動詞 [transitive verb] (Yao Zhang)

付畀 [(to) entrust with responsibility] (Yao Zhang)

作法 [rules of behavior] (Yao Zhang)

保養 [take good care of one's health] (Yao Zhang)

信手 [without previous plan] (Yao Zhang)

信牌 [tally used in delivering official messages] (Yao Zhang)

信臣 [loyal and reliable minister] (Yao Zhang)

修士 [cultivated man] (Yao Zhang)

修學 [(to) study] (Yao Zhang)

修明 [enlighten] (Yao Zhang)

修繕 [(to) mend] (Yao Zhang)

修羅場 [field of the battle between the asuras 阿修羅 and Indra 帝釋] (Yao Zhang)

俶儻 [outstanding] (Yao Zhang)

俸錢 [salary] (Yao Zhang)

倂合 [(to) merge] (Yao Zhang)

倂吞 [(to) annex and absorb] (Yao Zhang)

倂發 [(to) occur concurrently] (Yao Zhang)

倂肩 [shoulder to shoulder] (Yao Zhang)

倉卒 [urgent] (Yao Zhang)

倉庫 [warehouse] (Yao Zhang)

倉皇 [startled] (Yao Zhang)

倉黄 [startled, not knowing what to do] (Yao Zhang)

倍道 [(to) travel at double speed] (Yao Zhang)

候脈 [(to) feel the pulse] (Yao Zhang)

候鳥 [migratory bird] (Yao Zhang)

倚伏 [(to) be mutually causative] (Yao Zhang)

倚恃 [(to) depend on] (Yao Zhang)

倚門 [(to) lean on the door] (Yao Zhang)

倜然 [lofty] (Yao Zhang)

倥侗 [foolish] (Yao Zhang)

倦勤 [tired of work] (Yao Zhang)

倦惰 [lazy] (Yao Zhang)

倦游 [tired of traveling] (Yao Zhang)

倦遊 [(to) be tired of sightseeing] (Yao Zhang)

倩倩 [delicate] (Yao Zhang)

倩粧 [beautiful make-up] (Yao Zhang)

倫紀 [moral order] (Yao Zhang)

偃月 [crescent moon] [bone structure of a noble woman's forehead] (Yao Zhang)

偃臥 [(to) lie down] (Yao Zhang)

假日 [holiday] (Yao Zhang)

假母 [adoptive mother] (Yao Zhang)

偉岸 [robust] (Yao Zhang)

偏僻 [biased] (Yao Zhang)

偏安 [partial stability] (Yao Zhang)

偏差 [deviation] (Yao Zhang)

偏廢 [(to) neglect (some aspects)] (Yao Zhang)

偏愛 [special favorite] (Yao Zhang)

偏房 [concubine] (Yao Zhang)

偏枯 [semi-paralysis] (Yao Zhang)

偏盲 [blind in one eye] (Yao Zhang)

偏私 [(to) practice favoritism] (Yao Zhang)

偏衫 [monkʼs robe] (Yao Zhang)

偏袒 [bare on one side, in order to work] (Yao Zhang)

偏諱 [partial taboo] (Yao Zhang)

偏陂 [(to) practice favoritism] (Yao Zhang)

偏頗 [(to) practice favoritism] (Yao Zhang)

停泊 [(to) lie at anchor] (Yao Zhang)

停職 [(to) suspend] (Yao Zhang)

停車 [to park a vehicle] (Yao Zhang)

停雲 [(to) miss a good friend] (Yao Zhang)

停頓 [(to) bog down] (Yao Zhang)

健在 [going strong] (Yao Zhang)

側柏 [species of short, bushy cypress] (Yao Zhang)

側筆 [method of writing with the brush at a slight slanting angle] (Yao Zhang)

側聞 [(to) hear casually] (Yao Zhang)

側聽 [(to) listen carefully] (Yao Zhang)

側身 [crouched on one side, terrified and nervous] (Yao Zhang)

偶像 [statue made of wood, stone, or metal] (Yao Zhang)

偶數 [even number] (Yao Zhang)

偶爾 [by chance] (Yao Zhang)

偸安 [have no higher ambition than just to get by] (Yao Zhang)

偸閒 [(to) snatch a moment of leisure] (Yao Zhang)

備員 [one filling a post] (Yao Zhang)

備忘錄 [memorandum] (Yao Zhang)

催科 [(to) urge payment of taxes] (Yao Zhang)

催租 [press for early payment of taxes] (Yao Zhang)

催迫 [(to) press for] (Yao Zhang)

傭保 [hired labor] (Yao Zhang)

傭兵 [mercenary soldier] (Yao Zhang)

傭工 [hired labor] (Yao Zhang)

傲世 [proud and look down on the world] (Yao Zhang)

傲物 [proud] (Yao Zhang)

傲睨 [(to) look down on others haughtily] (Yao Zhang)

傳奇 [legends] (Yao Zhang)

傳家 [(to) pass on through the generations] (Yao Zhang)

傳寫 [(to) make copies by hand] (Yao Zhang)

傳抄 [(to) circulate copies] (Yao Zhang)

傳法 [(to) transmit the teaching or method] (Yao Zhang)

傳燈 [(to) pass the lamp] (Yao Zhang)

傳發 [(to) dispatch] (Yao Zhang)

傳神 [(to) give expression in art work] (Yao Zhang)

傳票 [voucher] (Yao Zhang)

傳送 [(to) convey] (Yao Zhang)

傳道 [(to) transmit the Way] (Yao Zhang)

傳遞 [transmit (a letter) for one staging post to another] (Yao Zhang)

債券 [debenture] (Yao Zhang)

債務 [debts] (Yao Zhang)

傷兵 [wounded soldier] (Yao Zhang)

傷損 [(to) hurt] (Yao Zhang)

傷痍 [wounds] (Yao Zhang)

傷風 [(to) catch cold] (Yao Zhang)

傾囊 [(to) empty one's pocket] (Yao Zhang)

傾座 [(to) take the audience by storm] (Yao Zhang)

僄悍 [ferocious] (Yao Zhang)

像讚 [portrait praise] (Yao Zhang)

像贊 [praising a portrait] (Yao Zhang)

僑人 [expatriate] (Yao Zhang)

僑士 [expatriate] (Yao Zhang)

創夷 [wound] (Yao Zhang)

創痍 [wound] (Yao Zhang)

剽悍 [ferocious] (Yao Zhang)

合倂 [(to) merge] (Yao Zhang)

噌吰 [ringing sound] (Yao Zhang)

寄寓人 [person living away from his native home] (Yao Zhang)

慓悍 [ferocious] (Yao Zhang)

托付 [(to) entrust with responsibility] (Yao Zhang)

渟泊 [(to) lie at anchor] (Yao Zhang)

碇宿 [(to) drop anchor] (Yao Zhang)

碇泊 [(to) drop anchor] (Yao Zhang)

蒼惶 [startled] (Yao Zhang)

蒼皇 [in a hurry] (Yao Zhang)

蒼黃 [greenish yellow] (Yao Zhang)

血行 [circulation of the blood] (Yao Zhang)

褊衫 [monkʼs robe] (Yao Zhang)

軍票 [military vouchers] (Yao Zhang)

遏雲 [stopping clouds] (Yao Zhang)

遞送 [transmit (a letter) for one staging post to another] (Yao Zhang)

金創 [wounds inflicted by sharp weapons] (Yao Zhang)

金痍 [wounds inflicted by sharp weapons] (Yao Zhang)

雙數 [even number] (Yao Zhang)

電池 [battery] (Yao Zhang)

一決 [(to) settle clearly and directly] (Charles Muller)

一顆 [one drop] (Charles Muller)

不如意 [contrary to one's wishes] (Charles Muller)

中書省 [secretariat] (Charles Muller)

五倍 [five times] (Charles Muller)

代用 [(to) substitute] (Charles Muller)

任他 [be it as it may] (Charles Muller)

倂發症 [(to) concurrent illnesses] (Charles Muller)

倉倅 [urgent] (Charles Muller)

倉猝 [urgent] (Charles Muller)

倜儻 [outstanding] (Charles Muller)

傷創 [wounds] (Charles Muller)

傷夷 [wounds] (Charles Muller)

光色 [luster] (Charles Muller)

冤親 [enemies and intimates] (Charles Muller)

凌辱 [(to) publicly humiliate] (Charles Muller)

利水 [(to) irrigate] (Charles Muller)

勌惰 [lazy] (Charles Muller)

匆卒 [urgent] (Charles Muller)

半晌 [half a day] (Charles Muller)

同遊 [(to) play together] (Charles Muller)

哮吼 [roar] (Charles Muller)

哮咆 [roar] (Charles Muller)

哮闞 [roar] (Charles Muller)

壯大 [robust] (Charles Muller)

天福 [heavenly blessings] (Charles Muller)

定止 [determined spot] (Charles Muller)

密生 [thick or dense growth] (Charles Muller)

岑崟 [steep] (Charles Muller)

幾迴 [how many times?] (Charles Muller)

從他 [be it as it may] (Charles Muller)

怱卒 [urgent] (Charles Muller)

憂喜 [sadness and happiness] (Charles Muller)

懷中 [in the pocket] (Charles Muller)

把捉 [(to) catch] (Charles Muller)

把火 [(to) hold a torch] (Charles Muller)

捕獲 [(to) capture] (Charles Muller)

收得 [(to) harvest] (Charles Muller)

改換 [(to) exchange] (Charles Muller)

改變 [(to) change] (Charles Muller)

施生 [(to) raise animals, plants, etc.] (Charles Muller)

[noon] (Charles Muller)

晚成 [(to) bloom late] (Charles Muller)

月亮 [moon] (Charles Muller)

枯井 [dry well] (Charles Muller)

森沈 [deep in the forest] (Charles Muller)

毀謗 [(to) disparage] (Charles Muller)

比來 [recently] (Charles Muller)

[oxygen] (Charles Muller)

水沫 [bubble(s)] (Charles Muller)

水泡 [bubble(s)] (Charles Muller)

淨琉璃 [pure beryl] (Charles Muller)

淸直 [straightforward] (Charles Muller)

淸鯁 [straightforward] (Charles Muller)

溪路 [small path through the mountains along a stream] (Charles Muller)

滅却 [(to) eliminate] (Charles Muller)

滅卻 [(to) eliminate] (Charles Muller)

滅性 [one cannot carry on with his own life] (Charles Muller)

瀟灑 [unbridled] (Charles Muller)

炬火 [torchlight] (Charles Muller)

[badger cub] (Charles Muller)

猶似 [just like] (Charles Muller)

獨步 [(to) walk alone] (Charles Muller)

發行 [(to) start out] (Charles Muller)

百獸 [all the beasts] (Charles Muller)

空身 [empty handed] (Charles Muller)

給料 [salary] (Charles Muller)

[edible greens] (Charles Muller)

莫教 [be it as it may] (Charles Muller)

莫遮 [be it as it may] (Charles Muller)

[gambling game played with dice] (Charles Muller)

蒼卒 [urgent] (Charles Muller)

蕭灑 [unbridled] (Charles Muller)

訕謗 [(to) disparage] (Charles Muller)

認得 [(to) acknowledge] (Charles Muller)

誹譏 [(to) disparage] (Charles Muller)

諸行無常 [all phenomena are impermanent] (Charles Muller)

谿路 [creek path] (Charles Muller)

貧道 [mendicant] (Charles Muller)

蹴踏 [(to) trample] (Charles Muller)

遮渠 [be it as it may] (Charles Muller)

遮莫 [be it as it may] (Charles Muller)

野僧 [rustic monk] (Charles Muller)

鏡中 [in a mirror] (Charles Muller)

鏡裏 [in the mirror] (Charles Muller)

長松 [tall pine tree] (Charles Muller)

陵辱 [(to) publicly humiliate] (Charles Muller)

雜木 [mixture of various kinds of trees] (Charles Muller)

雜樹 [mixture of various kinds of trees] (Charles Muller)

靠近 [(to) draw near] (Charles Muller)

飮啄 [(to) peck at water and food] (Charles Muller)

香象 [odorous elephant] (Charles Muller)

驛遞 [transmit (a letter) for one staging post to another] (Charles Muller)

[fishbone] (Charles Muller)

鬱密 [closed off] (Charles Muller)

[fishbone stuck in the throat] (Charles Muller)

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