DDB and CJKV-E Monthly New Entries July 2019

Significantly Revised

識眞如 [thusness of consciousness] (Billy Brewster)

野狐禪 [dhyāna du renard] (Frédéric Girard)

開三顯一 [explaining the three, revealing the one] (Charles Muller)

解深密經 [Sutra on Understanding Profound and Esoteric Doctrine] (Charles Muller)

New Entries: 134 (DDB Total: 73,110)

具造 [to generate] {Billy Brewster}

如實正行 [correct practice in accordance with reality] {Billy Brewster}

工巧處 [basis of the arts and crafts ] {Billy Brewster}

理具事造 [inherency of principle in generated phenomena] {Billy Brewster}

納息 [chapter ] {Billy Brewster}

非妄倒 [incontrovertible ] {Billy Brewster}

鴻漸 [to advance steadily in official rank] {Dan Lusthaus}

宛陵 [Wanling ] {Erez Joskovich}

景德寺 [Jingdesi] {Erez Joskovich}

梓舟船 [Zizhuou Chuan] {Erez Joskovich}

梓舟船禪師語錄 [Recorded Sayings of Chan master Zizhou Chuan] {Erez Joskovich}

葦菴日用 [Daily Routine of a Reed Hermitage] {Erez Joskovich}

葵花向日 [a sunflower always faces the sun] {Erez Joskovich}

逢祖殺祖 [when you meet a patriarch, kill the patriarch] {Erez Joskovich}

逢場作戲 [to act according to circumstances] {Erez Joskovich}

雜著 [mixed prose] {Erez Joskovich}

三嶺嬾龍 [Sanrei Ranryū] {Matthew McMullen}

了元 [Liaoyuan] {Matthew McMullen}

十七尊 [seventeen deities] {Matthew McMullen}

和光應迹 [dimming one's light, responding as a manifestation] {Matthew McMullen}

嬾龍 [Ranryū] {Matthew McMullen}

理趣會 [Rishu Assembly] {Matthew McMullen}

般若十六會 [sixteen assemblies of prajñā] {Matthew McMullen}

雲孫 [descendant] {Matthew McMullen}

雲居了元 [Yunju Lioayuan] {Matthew McMullen}

如至誠 [as it really is] {Michael Radich}

如諦 [as it really is] {Michael Radich}

如本諦 [as it really is] {Michael Radich}

本至誠 [as it really is] {Michael Radich}

至諦 [as it really is] {Michael Radich}

[pit viper] {Michael Radich}

要出 [to escape] {Michael Radich}

去死十分 [to completely die] {Stefan Grace}

在家戒 [lay precepts] {Stefan Grace}

境塊子 [external clump] {Stefan Grace}

境致 [temple grounds scenery] {Stefan Grace}

居家戒 [lay precepts] {Stefan Grace}

慶讚會 [celebratory service] {Stefan Grace}

拱默 [to fold one's arms and remain silent] {Stefan Grace}

據室 [to reside in a room] {Stefan Grace}

據室法 [room-occupying ceremony] {Stefan Grace}

教侍香 [incense assistant to the instructional preceptor] {Stefan Grace}

教侍者 [assistant to the instructional preceptor] {Stefan Grace}

教授寮 [instructional preceptor's room] {Stefan Grace}

曲盆 [large round tray] {Stefan Grace}

曲調 [a musical tune] {Stefan Grace}

曲躬低頭 [to bow and lower oneʼs head] {Stefan Grace}

橋枕 [a folding pillow] {Stefan Grace}

狂狗逐塊 [a mad dog chases a clump of earth] {Stefan Grace}

當局者迷 [the authorities are at a loss how to act] {Stefan Grace}

約教而知 [to realize through the teachings] {Stefan Grace}

經劫 [to pass through many kalpas] {Stefan Grace}

經商 [to trade] {Stefan Grace}

經帷衣 [sutra robe] {Stefan Grace}

經論師 [scripture and commentary masters] {Stefan Grace}

經頭 [head of sutras] {Stefan Grace}

薑頭 [assistant gardener] {Stefan Grace}

轎從 [litter carrier] {Stefan Grace}

轎番 [litter carrier] {Stefan Grace}

逢強卽弱 [to meet strength with weakness] {Stefan Grace}

鄕長 [village elder] {Stefan Grace}

鄕頭 [village elder] {Stefan Grace}

鏡淸雨滴聲 [Jingqing and the sound of raindrops] {Stefan Grace}

鏡淸寺 [Jingqingsi] {Stefan Grace}

鏡淸道怤 [Jingqing Daofu] {Stefan Grace}

香嚴智閑 [Xiangyan Zhixian] {Stefan Grace}

香嚴上樹 [Xiangyan's man up a tree] {Stefan Grace}

香嚴寺 [Xiangyansi] {Stefan Grace}

香林澄遠 [Xianglin Chengyuan] {Stefan Grace}

香菜 [fragrant vegetables] {Stefan Grace}

不能取 [ungraspable] {Charles Muller}

不隔 [not separated from] {Charles Muller}

交愛和合 [mother and father make love to each other] {Charles Muller}

入手 [to obtain] {Charles Muller}

前滅後生 [first extinguished and later born (or produced)] {Charles Muller}

勝義善巧菩薩 [bodhisattvas skilled in the ultimate meaning] {Charles Muller}

可呵 [contemptible] {Charles Muller}

向後 [from now on] {Charles Muller}

品品 [each chapter] {Charles Muller}

品目 [chapter title] {Charles Muller}

單複 [singly and combined] {Charles Muller}

單重 [singly and combined] {Charles Muller}

嚴重 [to esteem] {Charles Muller}

地波羅蜜 [perfections of the (bodhisattva) grounds] {Charles Muller}

堅固信 [firm faith] {Charles Muller}

外城 [outer wall] {Charles Muller}

外郭 [outer wall] {Charles Muller}

宜哉 [indeed!] {Charles Muller}

封執 [to be caught] {Charles Muller}

尤足 [eminently reliable] {Charles Muller}

應身如來 [response-body tathāgata] {Charles Muller}

戌達羅 [(Skt. śūdra)] {Charles Muller}

所具 [included] {Charles Muller}

所帶 [to be wrapped up by] {Charles Muller}

攻伐 [to attack] {Charles Muller}

攻討 [to attack] {Charles Muller}

文殊悔過經 [Sutra on the Method of Repentance Taught by Mañjuśrī] {Charles Muller}

是時調適 [timing is adjusted correctly] {Charles Muller}

智閑 [Zhixian] {Charles Muller}

有勝用 [possessing excellent function] {Charles Muller}

有懈怠 [to be indolent] {Charles Muller}

有變異 [changing] {Charles Muller}

根不壞 [a faculty does not deteriorate] {Charles Muller}

歡慼 [happy and sad] {Charles Muller}

此等 [these] {Charles Muller}

母身 [mother's body] {Charles Muller}

決定相應 [definitely concomitant] {Charles Muller}

波羅蜜行 [practice of the perfectios] {Charles Muller}

泯絕無寄宗 [school that cuts off all concepts, not relying on anything whatsoever] {Charles Muller}

混濫 [confused with each other] {Charles Muller}

無漏位 [stage of no taint] {Charles Muller}

無觸 [no tactile object] {Charles Muller}

盲眼 [blind] {Charles Muller}

禀承 [to inherit] {Charles Muller}

符堅 [Fujian] {Charles Muller}

能熏四義 [four implications of perfumer] {Charles Muller}

菩薩獨覺 [bodhisattvas and solitary realizers] {Charles Muller}

親生 [of oneʼs own begetting] {Charles Muller}

識見 [to see and know] {Charles Muller}

身內 [within the body] {Charles Muller}

逢佛殺佛 [when you meet the Buddha, kill the Buddha] {Charles Muller}

遊戲三昧 [at play in samādhi] {Charles Muller}

[hasty] {Charles Muller}

道怤 [Daofu] {Charles Muller}

道泰 [Daotai] {Charles Muller}

醜穢 [disgusting] {Charles Muller}

鏡淸 [Jingqing] {Charles Muller}

闕減 [absent] {Charles Muller}

麟喩 [metaphor of rhinoceros] {Charles Muller}

麟角喩 [metaphor of rhinoceros horn] {Charles Muller}

New CJKV-E entries: 164 (CJKV-E Total: 60,638)

壓力 [strength of pressure] (Yao Zhang)

壓卷 [top-ranking examination paper] (Yao Zhang)

壓尾 [end of something] (Yao Zhang)

壓迫 [(to) oppress] (Yao Zhang)

士君子 [intelligentsia] (Yao Zhang)

士官 [officials] (Yao Zhang)

士氣 [morale of the educated class] (Yao Zhang)

壯夫 [able-bodied person] (Yao Zhang)

壯年 [prime of life] (Yao Zhang)

壯志 [life ambition] (Yao Zhang)

壯懷 [life ambition] (Yao Zhang)

壯擧 [impressive undertaking] (Yao Zhang)

壯歲 [prime of life] (Yao Zhang)

壯烈 [courageous] (Yao Zhang)

壯猷 [great plan] (Yao Zhang)

壯美 [primitive beauty] (Yao Zhang)

壯膽 [(to) feel spirited] (Yao Zhang)

壯遊 [make an extensive and delightful long trip] (Yao Zhang)

壯麗 [impressive] (Yao Zhang)

壯齒 [prime of life] (Yao Zhang)

壯齡 [in the prime of life] (Yao Zhang)

壽冢 [burial plot prepared while one is still alive] (Yao Zhang)

壽器 [coffin] (Yao Zhang)

壽域 [burial place selected during one's lifetime] (Yao Zhang)

壽序 [message of congratulations on birthday] (Yao Zhang)

壽穴 [burial plot] (Yao Zhang)

壽藏 [burial plot prepared while one is still alive] (Yao Zhang)

壽詞 [message of congratulations] (Yao Zhang)

夏曆 [lunar calendar] (Yao Zhang)

夏正 [traditional Chinese calendar] (Yao Zhang)

夏節 [fifth day of fifth lunar month] (Yao Zhang)

外侮 [humiliation by foreign country] (Yao Zhang)

外務 [worldly affairs] (Yao Zhang)

外勤 [field work] (Yao Zhang)

外史 [officials who write unofficial history] (Yao Zhang)

外城 [outer city] (Yao Zhang)

外套 [overcoat] (Yao Zhang)

外妾 [kept mistress] (Yao Zhang)

外姑 [wife's mother] (Yao Zhang)

外婦 [kept mistress living outside] (Yao Zhang)

外孫 [grandchild from a daughter married into another family] (Yao Zhang)

外宅 [outer house] (Yao Zhang)

外延 [extension] (Yao Zhang)

外援 [external help] (Yao Zhang)

外氏 [mother's relatives] (Yao Zhang)

外洋 [high seas] (Yao Zhang)

外海 [wide sea away from land] (Yao Zhang)

外父 [wife's father] (Yao Zhang)

外甥 [wife's sister's son] (Yao Zhang)

外祖 [maternal grandparents] (Yao Zhang)

外科 [surgery] (Yao Zhang)

外翁 [maternal grandfather] (Yao Zhang)

外舅 [wife's father] (Yao Zhang)

外藩 [prince's domain in a border province] (Yao Zhang)

外褂 [unlined upper garment] (Yao Zhang)

外見 [external appearance] (Yao Zhang)

外觀 [(to) view something from the outside] (Yao Zhang)

外貨 [imported goods] (Yao Zhang)

外集 [later supplement to an author's works] (Yao Zhang)

外面 [outside] (Yao Zhang)

夙怨 [old grudge] (Yao Zhang)

夙悟 [precocious] (Yao Zhang)

夙敏 [precocious] (Yao Zhang)

夙昔 [of old] (Yao Zhang)

多元論 [pluralism] (Yao Zhang)

多心 [distrustful] (Yao Zhang)

多情 [amorous] (Yao Zhang)

多般 [in so many ways] (Yao Zhang)

多角形 [polygon] (Yao Zhang)

宿昔 [of old] (Yao Zhang)

武官 [military officer] (Yao Zhang)

雄志 [great ambition] (Yao Zhang)

一緒 [together] (Charles Muller)

上級 [advanced level] (Charles Muller)

下交 [have dealings with those of lower social rank] (Charles Muller)

五年 [five years] (Charles Muller)

伐採 [lumbering] (Charles Muller)

住民 [citizens] (Charles Muller)

偏斜 [(to) slant] (Charles Muller)

全域 [whole area] (Charles Muller)

共著 [co-authorship] (Charles Muller)

共譯 [(to) translate together] (Charles Muller)

凶作 [bad harvest] (Charles Muller)

前涼 [former Liang] (Charles Muller)

前燕 [former Yan] (Charles Muller)

助言者 [adviser] (Charles Muller)

半獨立 [semi-independent] (Charles Muller)

名臣 [important official] (Charles Muller)

單複 [singly and combined] (Charles Muller)

[(to) talk a lot] (Charles Muller)

噡言 [(to) talk nonsense] (Charles Muller)

[(to) call in a loud voice] (Charles Muller)

嚄唶 [noisy] (Charles Muller)

[(to) talk persistently] (Charles Muller)

[choked] (Charles Muller)

[(to) cry out] (Charles Muller)

[breaking sound] (Charles Muller)

[singing of a bird] (Charles Muller)

[throat] (Charles Muller)

[confused talk] (Charles Muller)

[(to) plaster over] (Charles Muller)

[dust] (Charles Muller)

[earthen water-jar] (Charles Muller)

[personal name] (Charles Muller)

外生 [wife's sister's son] (Charles Muller)

外祖父母 [maternal grandparents] (Charles Muller)

夙慧 [precocious] (Charles Muller)

奧府 [warehouse] (Charles Muller)

[clever woman] (Charles Muller)

[beautiful] (Charles Muller)

[(to) bequeath] (Charles Muller)

宣譯 [(to) expound and translate] (Charles Muller)

家老 [leader of the vassals] (Charles Muller)

宿夕 [one night] (Charles Muller)

小生 [me] [refer to someone in a disdainful way] (Charles Muller)

尤物 [rarity] (Charles Muller)

岩牆 [wall of a cliff] (Charles Muller)

[height, or steepness, of a mountain] [Kongtong] (Charles Muller)

[curtain] (Charles Muller)

[(to) cover] (Charles Muller)

引誘 [(to) invite] (Charles Muller)

彎曲 [(to) bend] (Charles Muller)

[(to) accompany] (Charles Muller)

[(to) think] (Charles Muller)

投靠 [(to) rely on someone] (Charles Muller)

招請 [(to) invite] (Charles Muller)

捨棄 [(to) abandon] (Charles Muller)

攻伐 [(to) attack] (Charles Muller)

攻討 [(to) attack] (Charles Muller)

早慧 [precocious] (Charles Muller)

末尾 [tail] (Charles Muller)

棄甲曳兵而走 [run away from battle, throwing off one's armor and dragging one's weapon] (Charles Muller)

棍棒 [stick] (Charles Muller)

歷遊 [travel around from place to place] (Charles Muller)

歸屬 [(to) accompany] (Charles Muller)

殊名 [specially named] (Charles Muller)

氣宇 [bearing] (Charles Muller)

氣風 [ethos] (Charles Muller)

洞府 [cave dwelling] (Charles Muller)

物產 [native products] (Charles Muller)

猷猷 [stratagem] (Charles Muller)

瑣屑 [trivial] (Charles Muller)

瑣碎 [trivial] (Charles Muller)

皆悉 [all] (Charles Muller)

移住 [(to) relocate] (Charles Muller)

綜攬 [(to) collect] (Charles Muller)

綢練 [(to) wrap up] (Charles Muller)

緣組 [betrothal] (Charles Muller)

緩和 [(to) ease] (Charles Muller)

背走 [(to) run away] (Charles Muller)

莊麗 [impressive] (Charles Muller)

[fine, densely-growing grass] (Charles Muller)

[grain-eating insect] (Charles Muller)

覆亡 [(to) fall] (Charles Muller)

譯本 [translated text] (Charles Muller)

跟隨 [(to) follow closely from behind] (Charles Muller)

農繁期 [farming season] (Charles Muller)

進撃 [(to) charge (into battle)] (Charles Muller)

附著 [(to) adhere to] (Charles Muller)

陣太鼓 [war drum] (Charles Muller)

陰部 [genitalia] (Charles Muller)

飾棺 [(to) decorate a coffin] (Charles Muller)

齒切 [(to) gnash the teeth] (Charles Muller)

(Charles Muller)

Total new DDB and CJKV-E entries this month: 298