DDB and CJKV-E Monthly New Entries August 2019

Significantly Revised

作意 [acte mental] (Frédéric Girard)

磐石 [mégalithe] (Frédéric Girard)

伴僧 [moines de service] (Frédéric Girard)

[particuliers] (Frédéric Girard)

無爲 [non-agir] (Frédéric Girard)

無方 [sans orientation] (Frédéric Girard)

無事 [sans affaires] (Frédéric Girard)

眞如相 [marks of thusness] (Billy Brewster)

五種唯識 [five kinds of consciousness-only] (Charles Muller)

New Entries: 123 (DDB Total: 73,223)

三摩呬多地 [Basis of Meditative Absorption] {Billy Brewster}

三德性 [the nature of the three qualities of Buddhahood ] {Billy Brewster}

三道卽三德 [three bad transmigratory paths are the three qualities of Buddhahood] {Billy Brewster}

兩間 [between two regions] {Billy Brewster}

共種子 [conspecific seeds] {Billy Brewster}

淨惑所緣 [perceptual object of purity and affliction] {Billy Brewster}

眞如自性 [intrinsic nature of thusness] {Billy Brewster}

能兼 [capable of combining ] {Billy Brewster}

複眞 [to return to the real] {Billy Brewster}

複中 [to return to the mean] {Billy Brewster}

遍滿所緣 [pervasive perceptual object] {Billy Brewster}

道支眞如 [thusness of the components of the path] {Billy Brewster}

摩訶鞞耶伽蘭 [mahāvyākaraṇa] {Dan Lusthaus}

優田王 [Udayana] {Esther-Maria Guggenmos}

拔頭 [danse] {Frédéric Girard}

[to stop] {Jayarava Attwood}

三籟集 [Collection of Three Voices] {Matthew McMullen}

一切法界 [totality of the dharmadhātu] {Matthew McMullen}

三種加持 [three types of empowerment] {Matthew McMullen}

三種佛身 [three types of buddha bodies] {Matthew McMullen}

不可思議功德 [inconceivable merit] {Matthew McMullen}

中算 [Chūzan] {Matthew McMullen}

九十五種外道 [ninety five heterodoxies ] {Matthew McMullen}

二十八品 [Twenty-eight Chapters] {Matthew McMullen}

仲算 [Chūzan] {Matthew McMullen}

傘蓋 [umbrella] {Matthew McMullen}

八家祕錄 [Hakke hiroku] {Matthew McMullen}

友峰等益 [Yūfu Tōyaku] {Matthew McMullen}

圓照禪師 [Yuanzhao chanshi] {Matthew McMullen}

妙音菩薩 [Bodhisattva of Wondrous Sound] {Matthew McMullen}

妙音菩薩品 [Bodhisattva Gadgadasvara Chapter] {Matthew McMullen}

孤雲懷奘 [Koun Ejō] {Matthew McMullen}

安心起行作業 [cultivating and activating a calm mind] {Matthew McMullen}

宗本 [Zongben] {Matthew McMullen}

尊重修 [cultivation of reverence] {Matthew McMullen}

尋禪 [Jinzen] {Matthew McMullen}

山門寺門 [mountain gate and temple gate] {Matthew McMullen}

往生禮讚偈 [Verses of Praise for Rebirth in the Pure Land] {Matthew McMullen}

往生禮讚 [Praises for Rebirth in the Pure Land] {Matthew McMullen}

得修 [obtaining cultivation] {Matthew McMullen}

念誦結護法普通諸部 [Niansong jie hufa putong zhubu] {Matthew McMullen}

慈慧大師 [Jie Daishi] {Matthew McMullen}

慧林宗本 [Huilin Zongben] {Matthew McMullen}

應和宗論 [debates of Ōwa] {Matthew McMullen}

成就妙法蓮華經王瑜伽觀智儀軌 [Ritual Protocols for Achieving the Yoga and Contemplative Wisdom of the King of the Lotus Sutra] {Matthew McMullen}

成就法華儀軌 [Chengjiu fahua yigui] {Matthew McMullen}

普現色身 [universally manifested form body] {Matthew McMullen}

景岑 [Jingcen] {Matthew McMullen}

橫川 [Yokawa] {Matthew McMullen}

正法眼藏隨聞記 [Recorded Sayings from the Shōbōgenzō] {Matthew McMullen}

法華儀軌 [Fahua yigui] {Matthew McMullen}

渾身 [whole body] {Matthew McMullen}

無一不成佛 [there is nobody who does not become a buddha] {Matthew McMullen}

無餘修 [cultivation without remainder] {Matthew McMullen}

珠巖道珍 [Shugan Dōchin] {Matthew McMullen}

現圖曼荼羅 [revealed maṇḍala] {Matthew McMullen}

眞善知識 [abona fide spiritual teacher] {Matthew McMullen}

眞言門 [mantra gateway] {Matthew McMullen}

眞言密教部類總錄 [Comprehensive Catalog of Shingon Esoteric Materials] {Matthew McMullen}

眞陀末尼 [cintāmaṇi] {Matthew McMullen}

眞陀摩尼 [true gem] {Matthew McMullen}

禮讚 [praise] {Matthew McMullen}

結護 [protected space] {Matthew McMullen}

續開元釋教錄 [Supplementary Catalog of Teachings from the Kaiyuan Period] {Matthew McMullen}

義忠 [Yizhong] {Matthew McMullen}

習修 [habitual cultivation] {Matthew McMullen}

良源 [Ryōgen] {Matthew McMullen}

蓮華精進 [Lianhua Jingjin] {Matthew McMullen}

衆生濟度 [to save all sentient beings] {Matthew McMullen}

觀心釋 [interpretations of observing the mind] {Matthew McMullen}

說教師 [preacher] {Matthew McMullen}

諸阿闍梨眞言密教部類總錄 [Comprehensive Catalog of Shingon Esoteric Materials from the Acāryas] {Matthew McMullen}

諸佛同體 [all buddhas have the same essence] {Matthew McMullen}

金剛輪際 [metal-wheel world] {Matthew McMullen}

金輪際 [metal-wheel world] {Matthew McMullen}

阿質達霰 [Ajitasena] {Matthew McMullen}

阿彌陀經義疏 [Commentary on the Meaning of the Amitâbha Sutra] {Matthew McMullen}

阿彌陀佛國 [Land of Amitâbha] {Matthew McMullen}

隨機曼荼羅 [maṇḍala in accordance with oneʼs abilities] {Matthew McMullen}

養叟宗頤 [Yōsō Sōi] {Matthew McMullen}

七大寺 [seven major temples] {Charles Muller}

不了教 [incomplete teaching] {Charles Muller}

不可執 [should not be grasped] {Charles Muller}

別門唯識 [distinguished aspect of consciousness-only] {Charles Muller}

南都七大寺 [seven major temples of the southern court] {Charles Muller}

嗢陀演那 [Udayana] {Charles Muller}

固執 [to adhere to] {Charles Muller}

夜乞叉 [(Skt. yakṣa)] {Charles Muller}

失精 [to ejaculate] {Charles Muller}

失色 [lose color] {Charles Muller}

如緣 [like cognizing] {Charles Muller}

平僧 [ordinary monk] {Charles Muller}

弗沙王 [Udayana] {Charles Muller}

愁憂不樂 [to be quite unhappy with] {Charles Muller}

意分別 [mental discrimination] {Charles Muller}

憶念毘尼 [reprimand given to a person by reminding him of his duty] {Charles Muller}

撥爲無 [to reject as nonexistent] {Charles Muller}

故弄陰失精 [to intentionally masturbate and ejaculate] {Charles Muller}

月水 [menstruation] {Charles Muller}

月經 [menstruation] {Charles Muller}

未制戒 [not yet regulated] {Charles Muller}

法華觀智軌 [Fahua guanzhi gui] {Charles Muller}

無方釋義 [unlimited interpretation] {Charles Muller}

無有少法 [there is not the slightest dharma...] {Charles Muller}

爲作憶念 [to carry out remembering] {Charles Muller}

甚以難有 [regarded as being extremely rare] {Charles Muller}

能噉 [(Skt. yakṣa)] {Charles Muller}

至覺 [to come to the awareness] {Charles Muller}

舒光 [to extend (its) illumination] {Charles Muller}

落落 [openhearted] {Charles Muller}

道支 [components of the path] {Charles Muller}

鑁字 [vaṃ] {Charles Muller}

離諸識 [apart from the consciousnesses] {Charles Muller}

香奠 [condolence gift] {Charles Muller}

New CJKV-E entries: 273 (CJKV-E Total: 60,912)

喪神 [(to) faint] (Yao Zhang)

壙穴 [grave] (Yao Zhang)

夜中 [in the night] (Yao Zhang)

夜作 [night work] (Yao Zhang)

夜來香 [uberose] (Yao Zhang)

夜光錶 [luminescent watch] (Yao Zhang)

夜分 [midnight] (Yao Zhang)

夜叉 [demons that fly by night] (Yao Zhang)

夜合 [albizia julibrissin] (Yao Zhang)

夜壺 [chamber pot] (Yao Zhang)

夜學 [(to) study at night] (Yao Zhang)

夜市 [night fair] (Yao Zhang)

夜業 [night work] (Yao Zhang)

夜漏 [water clock for night] (Yao Zhang)

夜禁 [nighttime curfew] (Yao Zhang)

夜肆 [night fair] (Yao Zhang)

夜臺 [grave] (Yao Zhang)

夜貓子 [night owl] (Yao Zhang)

夜遊神 [night owl] (Yao Zhang)

夜郞 [Yelang] (Yao Zhang)

夢厭 [nightmare] (Yao Zhang)

夢魘 [nightmare] (Yao Zhang)

夥伴 [co-worker] (Yao Zhang)

夥計 [partners] (Yao Zhang)

大典 [important classics] (Yao Zhang)

大分 [considerably] (Yao Zhang)

大大 [great] (Yao Zhang)

大大落落 [dignified manner] (Yao Zhang)

大寶 [great jewel] (Yao Zhang)

大局 [general situation] (Yao Zhang)

大拜 [(to) make a person prime minister] (Yao Zhang)

大本營 [general headquarters] (Yao Zhang)

大樣 [arrogant] (Yao Zhang)

大歸 [(to) return to one's origins] [divorced woman returns to her mother's home] (Yao Zhang)

大洋 [ocean] (Yao Zhang)

大爺 [eldest among elders] (Yao Zhang)

大禮服 [formal dress] (Yao Zhang)

大統 [emperor's rule] (Yao Zhang)

大腦 [brain] (Yao Zhang)

大腸 [colon] (Yao Zhang)

大膽 [bold] (Yao Zhang)

大蒜 [garlic] (Yao Zhang)

大觀 [broad overview] [Daguan] (Yao Zhang)

大赦 [general amnesty] (Yao Zhang)

大逆 [high treason] (Yao Zhang)

大魁 [paragon] (Yao Zhang)

大麻 [hemp] (Yao Zhang)

天井 [firmament] (Yao Zhang)

天付 [native endowments] (Yao Zhang)

天光 [sunlight] (Yao Zhang)

天元 [source of all things] (Yao Zhang)

天分 [natural allotment] (Yao Zhang)

天咎 [divine punishment] (Yao Zhang)

天國 [heavenly realm] (Yao Zhang)

天姿 [natural appearance] (Yao Zhang)

天宇 [sky] (Yao Zhang)

天宮 [celestial palace] (Yao Zhang)

天岨 [natural defense] (Yao Zhang)

天幕 [curtain serving as a ceiling] (Yao Zhang)

天幸 [divine blessings] (Yao Zhang)

天意 [will of heaven] (Yao Zhang)

天成 [nature] [developing according to the principles of heaven] (Yao Zhang)

天才 [natural talent] (Yao Zhang)

天授 [gifted by heaven] (Yao Zhang)

天書 [imperial edict] (Yao Zhang)

天涯 [heavenly shores] (Yao Zhang)

天淵 [heaven and earth] (Yao Zhang)

天潢 [name of a star] (Yao Zhang)

天火 [heavenly conflagration] (Yao Zhang)

天牛 [long-horned beetle] (Yao Zhang)

天產 [natural products] (Yao Zhang)

天癸 [menstruation] (Yao Zhang)

天神 [gods] (Yao Zhang)

天稟 [native endowments] (Yao Zhang)

天空 [sky] (Yao Zhang)

天窗 [head] (Yao Zhang)

天縱 [spoiled by heaven] (Yao Zhang)

天罰 [divine punishment] (Yao Zhang)

天花 [flowers cascading from the sky] (Yao Zhang)

天表 [beyond heaven] (Yao Zhang)

天譴 [divine punishment] (Yao Zhang)

天變 [manifestation of weather] (Yao Zhang)

天賦 [native endowments] (Yao Zhang)

天阻 [natural defense] (Yao Zhang)

天險 [natural defense] (Yao Zhang)

天靑 [sky blue] (Yao Zhang)

天香 [heavenly fragrance] (Yao Zhang)

天鼓 [heavenly drum] (Yao Zhang)

太上皇 [retired father of emperor] (Yao Zhang)

太乙 [primordial unity] (Yao Zhang)

太保 [grand guardian] (Yao Zhang)

太初 [great origin] (Yao Zhang)

太夫人 [your mother] (Yao Zhang)

太太 [title for an official's wife] (Yao Zhang)

太歲 [jupiter] (Yao Zhang)

太祖 [first founder of dynasty] (Yao Zhang)

太空 [sky] (Yao Zhang)

夫君 [one's own husband] (Yao Zhang)

夭厲 [epidemic] (Yao Zhang)

夭矯 [sprightly] (Yao Zhang)

失名 [(to) forget one's name] (Yao Zhang)

失嚴 [have tonal mistakes in a poem] (Yao Zhang)

失度 [(to) lose of discretion] [lose the standard level of moderation] (Yao Zhang)

失心 [(to) be distracted] (Yao Zhang)

失態 [(to) forget one's manners] (Yao Zhang)

失戀 [(to) lose one's way] (Yao Zhang)

失據 [(to) lose one's base of support] (Yao Zhang)

失效 [(to) lose efficacy] (Yao Zhang)

失業 [(to) lose one's job] (Yao Zhang)

失機 [(to) miss a chance] (Yao Zhang)

失氣 [(to) stop breathing] (Yao Zhang)

失神 [(to) lose one's spirit] (Yao Zhang)

失禮 [(to) commit a breach of etiquette] (Yao Zhang)

失粘 [have tonal errors in a poem] (Yao Zhang)

失約 [(to) miss an appointment] (Yao Zhang)

失職 [(to) lose one's job] (Yao Zhang)

失色 [(to) lose color] (Yao Zhang)

失詞 [(to) use wrong or discourteous words] (Yao Zhang)

失足 [(to) slip] (Yao Zhang)

失蹤 [(to) disappear] (Yao Zhang)

失身 [(to) lose one's virginity] (Yao Zhang)

失辭 [(to) use wrong or discourteous words] (Yao Zhang)

失體 [(to) lose one's face] (Yao Zhang)

失黏 [have mistakes and disharmonies in tones in a poem] (Yao Zhang)

夷戮 [(to) slaughter] (Yao Zhang)

夷滅 [(to) massacre] (Yao Zhang)

夷猶 [(to) hesitate] (Yao Zhang)

夷由 [undecided] (Yao Zhang)

夾擊 [(to) attack from both flanks] (Yao Zhang)

夾袋 [inside pocket] (Yao Zhang)

奄忽 [in a short time] (Yao Zhang)

奇才 [remarkable talent] (Yao Zhang)

奇材 [remarkable talent] (Yao Zhang)

奉安 [ceremony of the burial of an empress] (Yao Zhang)

奉還 [(to) return] (Yao Zhang)

奉陪 [(to) keep someone company] [have the honor of keeping company] (Yao Zhang)

奏功 [(to) be successful in an undertaking] (Yao Zhang)

奏勳 [(to) be successful in an undertaking] (Yao Zhang)

奏捷 [report news of victory to the rulership] (Yao Zhang)

奏摺 [memorial to the throne] (Yao Zhang)

奏效 [(to) show results] (Yao Zhang)

奏書 [memorial to ruler] (Yao Zhang)

奏案 [table for checking a memorial] [submit a memorial to the throne] (Yao Zhang)

奏疏 [memorial to ruler] (Yao Zhang)

奏議 [memorial to the throne] (Yao Zhang)

契券 [contractual agreement] (Yao Zhang)

契印 [impression of a seal over the joint of two papers] (Yao Zhang)

契文 [text of an agreement] (Yao Zhang)

契母 [foster mother] (Yao Zhang)

契符 [contractual agreement] (Yao Zhang)

奔北 [(to) flee in defeat] (Yao Zhang)

奔喪 [hurry back home for the funeral] (Yao Zhang)

奔敗 [(to) flee in defeat] (Yao Zhang)

奔星 [shooting star] (Yao Zhang)

奔竄 [(to) flee and hide] (Yao Zhang)

奔軼 [(to) run fast] (Yao Zhang)

奔雷 [thunderbolt] (Yao Zhang)

奚奴 [slave] (Yao Zhang)

奚童 [boy servant] (Yao Zhang)

奠儀 [gift of money to the family of the deceased] (Yao Zhang)

奢泰 [extravagant with money] (Yao Zhang)

奧博 [profound] (Yao Zhang)

奪情 [remove the mourning clothes before the mourning period is over] (Yao Zhang)

奪職 [(to) deprive (someone) of office] (Yao Zhang)

女伶 [actress] (Yao Zhang)

女功 [(to) needlework] (Yao Zhang)

女奴 [female slave] (Yao Zhang)

女姪 [daughter of one's brother] (Yao Zhang)

女婢 [female servant] (Yao Zhang)

女孫 [granddaughter] (Yao Zhang)

女巫 [witch] (Yao Zhang)

女工 [(to) needlework] (Yao Zhang)

女弟 [younger sister] (Yao Zhang)

女戶 [family composed of female members only] (Yao Zhang)

女權 [woman's rights] (Yao Zhang)

女紅 [(to) needlework] (Yao Zhang)

女郞 [prostitute] [young girl who is as excellent as a man] (Yao Zhang)

奴家 [your slave] (Yao Zhang)

奴才 [mediocre person] (Yao Zhang)

奴視 [look down upon (someone) like a slave] (Yao Zhang)

奸宄 [villains] (Yao Zhang)

妖嬈 [flirtatious] (Yao Zhang)

妖彗 [star of evil omen] (Yao Zhang)

妖星 [star as an evil omen] (Yao Zhang)

妖氣 [witchery] (Yao Zhang)

妖異 [supernatural omen or event] (Yao Zhang)

妖精 [evil spirit] (Yao Zhang)

妖蠱 [sorcery] (Yao Zhang)

妖言 [heresy] (Yao Zhang)

妖魔 [demon] (Yao Zhang)

妙年 [young age] (Yao Zhang)

妙思 [fantastic idea] (Yao Zhang)

妙想 [fantastic idea] (Yao Zhang)

妙手 [miraculous skill] (Yao Zhang)

妙擇 [(to) choose carefully] (Yao Zhang)

妙理 [profound principle] (Yao Zhang)

妙簡 [(to) choose carefully] (Yao Zhang)

妙訣 [valuable secret] (Yao Zhang)

妙選 [(to) choose carefully] (Yao Zhang)

妙麗 [exquisite] (Yao Zhang)

妙齒 [young age] (Yao Zhang)

妙齡 [young age] (Yao Zhang)

妝匣 [trousseau] (Yao Zhang)

妝台 [lady's boudoir] (Yao Zhang)

妝奩 [trousseau] (Yao Zhang)

妝梳 [ Hairdressing] (Yao Zhang)

妝樓 [lady's boudoir] (Yao Zhang)

妝殿 [concubine's boudoir] (Yao Zhang)

妝閣 [lady's boudoir] (Yao Zhang)

妝閤 [lady's boudoir] (Yao Zhang)

妹壻 [husband of one's younger sister] (Yao Zhang)

妹夫 [husband of younger sister] (Yao Zhang)

妹婿 [husband of one's younger sister] (Yao Zhang)

姑夫 [paternal aunt's husband] (Yao Zhang)

姑娘 [married sister of one's father] (Yao Zhang)

姦軌 [villains] (Yao Zhang)

娼妓 [prostitute] (Yao Zhang)

拜相 [(to) appoint a prime minister] (Yao Zhang)

月水 [menstruation] (Yao Zhang)

梳妝 [hairdressing] (Yao Zhang)

梳粧 [hairdressing] (Yao Zhang)

義母 [mother-in-law] (Yao Zhang)

落落 [openhearted, upright] (Yao Zhang)

訞言 [heresy] (Yao Zhang)

養母 [foster mother] (Yao Zhang)

香典 [condolence gift] (Yao Zhang)

香奠 [condolence gift] (Yao Zhang)

上奏 [(to) report to the throne] (Charles Muller)

五辛 [five pungent roots] (Charles Muller)

[(to) trust] (Charles Muller)

合資 [joint stocks] (Charles Muller)

夜遊子 [night owl] (Charles Muller)

夜郞自大 [arrogance of Yelang] (Charles Muller)

夭撟 [sprightly] (Charles Muller)

失跡 [(to) disappear] (Charles Muller)

失踪 [(to) disappear] (Charles Muller)

奏按 [submit a memorial to the throne] (Charles Muller)

女事 [(to) needlework] (Charles Muller)

奸軌 [villains] (Charles Muller)

姦宄 [villains] (Charles Muller)

婦功 [(to) needlework] (Charles Muller)

寶物 [valuables] (Charles Muller)

對望 [(to) look at each other] (Charles Muller)

對策 [oral test on current topics] (Charles Muller)

屋根 [roof] (Charles Muller)

怪物 [apparition] (Charles Muller)

[(to) desire] (Charles Muller)

惏慄 [frigid] (Charles Muller)

打診 [(to) tap on] (Charles Muller)

拔起 [(to) occur suddenly] (Charles Muller)

[(to) move] (Charles Muller)

[(to) irrigate] (Charles Muller)

[(to) hang up] (Charles Muller)

[(to) beat one's breast] (Charles Muller)

擗踊 [pound the breast and stamp the ground] (Charles Muller)

擗踴 [pound the breast and stamp the ground] (Charles Muller)

[(to) gather up] (Charles Muller)

攈摭 [(to) gather up] (Charles Muller)

發掘 [(to) dig up] (Charles Muller)

碁盤 [chessboard] (Charles Muller)

祅星 [star as an evil omen] (Charles Muller)

美麗 [exquisite] (Charles Muller)

腕前 [ability] (Charles Muller)

謀大逆 [(to) plot high treason] (Charles Muller)

貪婪 [avaricious] (Charles Muller)

貪惏 [avaricious] (Charles Muller)

赦令 [imperial pardon] (Charles Muller)

閉鎖 [(to) close] (Charles Muller)

陰謀 [conspiracy] (Charles Muller)

魔物 [apparition] (Charles Muller)

黑星 [black spot] (Charles Muller)

齬鼠 [flying squirrel] (Charles Muller)

龜甲 [tortoise shell] (Charles Muller)

Total new DDB and CJKV-E entries this month: 396