DDB and CJKV-E Monthly New Entries October 2019

Significantly Revised

是遮非表 [it is a negation that does not indicate/imply (something else)] (Dan Lusthaus)

昭玄寺 [Bureau of Monastic Affairs] (Robban Toleno, Charles Muller)

蓱沙王五願經 [Sutra on the Five Wishes of King Bimbisāra] (Jan Nattier)

New Entries: 86 (DDB Total: 73,369)

博山參禪警語 [Boshanʼs Admonitions on Chan Practice] {Jeffrey Broughton}

悅頭檀 [Śuddhodana] {Jan Nattier}

毛衣 [(body) hair] {Jan Nattier}

痛樂 [pain and pleasure] {Jan Nattier}

窯家 [kilnsman] {Jan Nattier}

弗迦沙經 [Pukkusāti Sūtra] {Jan Nattier}

半教 [partial teaching] {Billy Brewster}

外熏 [external perfuming] {Billy Brewster}

大乘始教 [preliminary Mahāyāna teaching] {Billy Brewster}

如意珠王 [king of wish-granting jewels] {Billy Brewster}

心陰 [mental aggregates] {Billy Brewster}

慕化 [to submit to] {Billy Brewster}

歸服 [to submit to] {Billy Brewster}

法離生性 [dharma-nature free from rebirth] {Billy Brewster}

無覺知 [insentient] {Billy Brewster}

識精元明 [consciousness is pure and originally luminous ] {Billy Brewster}

一絲文守 [Isshi Monshu] {Erez Joskovich}

佛龕 [Buddha cabinet ] {Erez Joskovich}

光泰院 [Guangtaiyuan] {Erez Joskovich}

句裡 [content of the phrase ] {Erez Joskovich}

句裏 [heart of the phrase ] {Erez Joskovich}

崇福寺 [Lofty Virtue Temple] {Erez Joskovich}

德寧 [Dening] {Erez Joskovich}

性圓 [Shōen] {Erez Joskovich}

性節 [Xingjie] {Erez Joskovich}

慧極道明 [Egoku Dōmyō] {Erez Joskovich}

普濟寺十三門派 [thirteen teaching branches of Fusai temple ] {Erez Joskovich}

淸拙正澄 [Qingzhuo Zhengcheng] {Erez Joskovich}

濟宗十三種句 [thirteen types of phrases of the Linji school ] {Erez Joskovich}

破菴派 [Poan branch] {Erez Joskovich}

磬子 [bowl-bell] {Erez Joskovich}

義南 [Ginan] {Erez Joskovich}

義遠 [Yiyuan] {Erez Joskovich}

道顯 [Dōken] {Erez Joskovich}

道祐 [Dōyū] {Erez Joskovich}

雲門山 [Mt. Yunmen] {Erez Joskovich}

佑錄 [Youʼs Records] {Thomas McConochie}

八備 [eight kinds of preparation] {Thomas McConochie}

十條 [ten conditions] {Thomas McConochie}

博山警語 [Boshanʼs Admonitions] {Jeffrey Broughton}

禪警語 [Admonitions on Chan Practice] {Jeffrey Broughton}

五胡十六國 [five foreign tribes and sixteen states] {Charles Muller}

法汰 [Fatai] {Charles Muller}

祐錄 [Youʼs Records] {Thomas McConochie}

三車火宅喩 [the parable of the three carts and the burning house] {Charles Muller}

不覺不知不驚不怖 [unaware and unafraid] {Charles Muller}

主簿 [recorder] {Charles Muller}

修陀 [sudhā] {Charles Muller}

出身句 [phrases that free one from bondage] {Charles Muller}

塡補 [to fill a vacancy] {Charles Muller}

大乘無量壽莊嚴王經 [Great Vehicle Sutra of the Adorned King of Immeasurable Life] {Charles Muller}

大乘起信論內義略探記 [Daeseung gisillon naeui yaktamgi] {Charles Muller}

大乘起信論古迹記 [Daeseung gisillon gojeokgi] {Charles Muller}

定省 [setting and inquiring] {Charles Muller}

康孟詳 [Kang Mengxiang] {Charles Muller}

德差伊羅 [(Skt. *Takṣa-śilā)] {Charles Muller}

把關句 [phrases that enable one to grasp the key to the teaching] {Charles Muller}

擬問傷玄句 [phrases that damage profundity] {Charles Muller}

攝藏 [to store] {Charles Muller}

收放 [to grasp and release] {Charles Muller}

收放句 [phrases that grasp and release] {Charles Muller}

末後句 [phrases that drive one to a dead end] {Charles Muller}

梖多 [pattra] {Charles Muller}

正宗無答句 [phrases that transmit the truth without a reply] {Charles Muller}

正宗無問句 [phrases that transmit the truth without an inquiry] {Charles Muller}

波動 [waves move] {Charles Muller}

浮圖澄 [Futu Cheng] {Charles Muller}

神解 [spiritual understanding] {Charles Muller}

統制 [control] {Charles Muller}

罪犯 [crime] {Charles Muller}

聲前一句 [phrases that expound the Dharma before it is heard] {Charles Muller}

聲前句 [phrases that expound the Dharma before it is heard] {Charles Muller}

蓱比沙 [Bimbisāra] {Charles Muller}

蓱沙 [Bimbisāra] {Charles Muller}

蓱沙王五願經 [Sutra on The Five Wishes of King Bimbisāra] {Charles Muller}

藏鋒句 [phrases that conceal a sharp sword] {Charles Muller}

襃貶句 [phrases of praise and censure] {Charles Muller}

轉身句 [phrases that revive one from a dead end] {Charles Muller}

通過 [to pass through] {Charles Muller}

酥酡 [sudhā] {Charles Muller}

長者窮子喩 [the parable of the wealthy man and the prodigal son] {Charles Muller}

隔手句 [phrases that separate one from false views] {Charles Muller}

隔身句 [phrases that separate one from false views] {Charles Muller}

New CJKV-E entries: 202 (CJKV-E Total: 61,132)

神異 [miracles] (Charles Muller)

[(to) blush] (Charles Muller)

叡慮 [imperial consideration] (Yao Zhang)

夙儒 [well-read] (Yao Zhang)

夙志 [long-cherished ambition] (Yao Zhang)

夙緣 [fate inherited from previous incarnations] (Yao Zhang)

奠鼎 [(to) set up the sacred tripods] (Yao Zhang)

子音 [consonant] (Yao Zhang)

孔教 [Confucianism] (Yao Zhang)

孔道 [way of Confucius] (Yao Zhang)

孝婦 [good filial woman] (Yao Zhang)

孝廉 [filial and incorrupt] (Yao Zhang)

孝心 [filial piety] (Yao Zhang)

孝情 [filial piety] (Yao Zhang)

孝敬 [serve with love and filial respect] (Yao Zhang)

孟陬 [first month of the lunar year] (Yao Zhang)

孟陽 [first month of the lunar year] (Yao Zhang)

孤哀子 [child whose mother is dead] (Yao Zhang)

孤恩 [(to) forget former favors] (Yao Zhang)

孤憤 [feeling of indignation caused by the vulgarity of the world] (Yao Zhang)

孤標 [steep] (Yao Zhang)

孤注 [(to) stake the whole amount] [make a last-ditch stand against the opponent with all one has] (Yao Zhang)

孤獨 [orphan and the childless] (Yao Zhang)

孤老 [solitary old man without a wife and children] (Yao Zhang)

孤芳 [unique fragrant flower] (Yao Zhang)

孤苦 [solitary and impoverished] (Yao Zhang)

孩兒 [young children] (Yao Zhang)

孩嬰 [children] (Yao Zhang)

孩子 [children] (Yao Zhang)

孩孺 [young child] (Yao Zhang)

孩童 [children] (Yao Zhang)

孱羸 [weak] (Yao Zhang)

孳息 [(to) multiply] (Yao Zhang)

孳生 [(to) multiply] (Yao Zhang)

孵化 [(to) spawn] (Yao Zhang)

學府 [institution of higher learning] (Yao Zhang)

學案 [national biography] (Yao Zhang)

孺人 [official's wife] (Yao Zhang)

完善 [(to) improve] (Yao Zhang)

完好 [intact] (Yao Zhang)

完納 [(to) pay tax in full] (Yao Zhang)

完聚 [finish inner and outer city walls and gather all the people and provisions together] (Yao Zhang)

完良 [perfect] (Yao Zhang)

宏大 [great] (Yao Zhang)

宏放 [free and untrammeled] (Yao Zhang)

宏量 [great capacity] (Yao Zhang)

宗主 [proper heir] (Yao Zhang)

宗人 [members of the imperial family] (Yao Zhang)

宗匠 [master carpenter] (Yao Zhang)

宗法 [system for differentiating main and branch family lines] (Yao Zhang)

宗派 [main point] (Yao Zhang)

宗社 [state as symbolized by the royal ancestral shrine 宗廟 and the temples 社稷] (Yao Zhang)

宗祧 [ancestral shrine] (Yao Zhang)

宗老 [elders of a clan] (Yao Zhang)

宗臣 [respected minister] (Yao Zhang)

宗門 [tribe] [religious sect that believes in the same doctrines] (Yao Zhang)

官兵 [government troops] (Yao Zhang)

官印 [official seal] (Yao Zhang)

官報 [official bulletin] (Yao Zhang)

官場 [officialdom] (Yao Zhang)

官契 [registered documents] (Yao Zhang)

官妓 [state-owned prostitutes] (Yao Zhang)

官娃 [state-owned prostitutes] (Yao Zhang)

官宅 [official's residence] (Yao Zhang)

官宦 [official service] (Yao Zhang)

官家 [king] (Yao Zhang)

官差 [official business] (Yao Zhang)

官書 [official documents] (Yao Zhang)

官樣 [dignified] (Yao Zhang)

官第 [official's residence] (Yao Zhang)

官能 [organic functions] (Yao Zhang)

官費 [funds from public coffers] (Yao Zhang)

官軍 [government troops] (Yao Zhang)

官邸 [official's residence] (Yao Zhang)

官銜 [official rank] (Yao Zhang)

定命論 [determinism] (Yao Zhang)

定情 [(to) pledge love between lovers] (Yao Zhang)

定準 [fixed standard] (Yao Zhang)

定省 [Setting and inquiring] (Yao Zhang)

定鼎 [(to) establish the capital] (Yao Zhang)

宛宛 [clinging] (Yao Zhang)

宛轉 [(to) move effortlessly] (Yao Zhang)

客卿 [foreigner serving at court] (Yao Zhang)

客寓 [(to) live abroad] (Yao Zhang)

客居 [(to) live abroad] (Yao Zhang)

客店 [small hotel] (Yao Zhang)

客廳 [parlor] (Yao Zhang)

客次 [lodging house] (Yao Zhang)

客氣 [impulse of a moment] (Yao Zhang)

客船 [passenger boat] (Yao Zhang)

客車 [guest's car] (Yao Zhang)

客體 [foreign body in organization] (Yao Zhang)

室女 [unmarried girl] (Yao Zhang)

宦寺 [eunuch as an official position] (Yao Zhang)

宦遊 [(to) government service away from home] [leave one's hometown to seek an office] (Yao Zhang)

宮女 [palace maiden] (Yao Zhang)

宮娃 [beautiful palace maiden] (Yao Zhang)

宮娥 [beautiful female court attendants;] (Yao Zhang)

宮扇 [circular fan used by court ladies] (Yao Zhang)

宰執 [state councilor] (Yao Zhang)

宴安 [(to) happy, contented] (Yao Zhang)

宴居 [(to) relax at home] (Yao Zhang)

宴息 [(to) relax] (Yao Zhang)

宴集 [gather together for a festive occasion] (Yao Zhang)

宴饗 [(to) host a banquet] (Yao Zhang)

宵人 [trivial person] (Yao Zhang)

宵分 [midnight] (Yao Zhang)

宵小 [small person] (Yao Zhang)

家什 [furniture] (Yao Zhang)

家數 [school's artistic styles] (Yao Zhang)

家釀 [home-brewed] (Yao Zhang)

宸慮 [imperial consideration] (Yao Zhang)

宸斷 [imperial decision] (Yao Zhang)

宸極 [abode of the emperor] (Yao Zhang)

宸算 [imperial plan] (Yao Zhang)

容容 [(to) take things lightly] (Yao Zhang)

容恕 [(to) forgive] (Yao Zhang)

容接 [(to) welcome] (Yao Zhang)

容臭 [bag of spices] (Yao Zhang)

容車 [curtained carriage for women] (Yao Zhang)

容隱 [(to) cover up] (Yao Zhang)

宿世 [prior existence] (Yao Zhang)

宿主 [host tree or animal] (Yao Zhang)

宿因 [cause going back to previous incarnation] (Yao Zhang)

宿好 [old hobby] (Yao Zhang)

宿學 [well-read] (Yao Zhang)

宿緣 [remaining karma] (Yao Zhang)

廟社 [ancestral shrine and the temples] (Yao Zhang)

廣量 [great generosity] (Yao Zhang)

息燕 [(to) relax] (Yao Zhang)

燕享 [(to) enjoy an offering of food] (Yao Zhang)

燕休 [(to) relax] (Yao Zhang)

燕安 [(to) feel happy] (Yao Zhang)

燕息 [(to) relax] (Yao Zhang)

燕饗 [(to) offer a magnificent dinner] (Yao Zhang)

睿慮 [imperial consideration] (Yao Zhang)

老儒 [well-read] (Yao Zhang)

聖思 [imperial consideration] (Yao Zhang)

聖慮 [imperial consideration] (Yao Zhang)

讌饗 [(to) offer a feast] (Yao Zhang)

負恩 [(to) forget former favors] (Yao Zhang)

軫慮 [worried] (Yao Zhang)

上記 [ancient writings] (Charles Muller)

主眼 [main point] (Charles Muller)

予備 [(to) prepare] (Charles Muller)

先陣 [vanguard] (Charles Muller)

入力 [input] (Charles Muller)

助成 [(to) assist in the completion of] (Charles Muller)

勅斷 [imperial decision] (Charles Muller)

勅裁 [imperial decision] (Charles Muller)

勘案 [(to) take into consideration] (Charles Muller)

化導 [(to) guide toward the good] (Charles Muller)

匠長 [master carpenter] (Charles Muller)

各種 [every kind] (Charles Muller)

基軸 [criterion] (Charles Muller)

夙心 [long-cherished ambition] (Charles Muller)

大幅 [drastic] (Charles Muller)

天裁 [imperial decision] (Charles Muller)

娼婦 [prostitute] (Charles Muller)

婉轉 [(to) move effortlessly] (Charles Muller)

孚化 [(to) spawn] (Charles Muller)

完遂 [(to) accomplish] (Charles Muller)

宗戚 [tribe] (Charles Muller)

定規 [(to) decide] (Charles Muller)

客舟 [passenger boat] (Charles Muller)

宦游 [(to) government service away from home] [leave one's hometown to seek an office] (Charles Muller)

容飾 [(to) decorate] (Charles Muller)

宿儒 [well-read] (Charles Muller)

宿心 [long-cherished ambition] (Charles Muller)

寄付 [(to) donate] (Charles Muller)

年次 [annual] (Charles Muller)

座長 [chairperson] (Charles Muller)

息子 [one's own son] (Charles Muller)

慕化 [(to) submit to a person of moral authority] (Charles Muller)

收放 [(to) grasp and release] (Charles Muller)

改修 [(to) repair] (Charles Muller)

改良 [(to) improve] (Charles Muller)

日刊 [daily publication] (Charles Muller)

書誌 [bibliography] (Charles Muller)

本文 [main text] (Charles Muller)

本格化 [regularization] (Charles Muller)

本欄 [this column] (Charles Muller)

[ladle] (Charles Muller)

格好 [appearance] (Charles Muller)

[palm tree] (Charles Muller)

父親 [father] (Charles Muller)

種目 [item of business] (Charles Muller)

精査 [careful examination] (Charles Muller)

肉親 [blood relationship] (Charles Muller)

補助金 [subsidiary aid] (Charles Muller)

責務 [duty] (Charles Muller)

購入 [(to) purchase] (Charles Muller)

距離 [distance] (Charles Muller)

適正 [appropriate] (Charles Muller)

邸宅 [mansion] (Charles Muller)

邸舍 [mansion] (Charles Muller)

都度 [each time] (Charles Muller)

配布 [(to) distribute] (Charles Muller)

釀成 [(to) brew] (Charles Muller)

集約 [intensive] (Charles Muller)

雨季 [rainy season] (Charles Muller)

雨期 [rainy season] (Charles Muller)

Total new DDB and CJKV-E entries this month: 288