DDB and CJKV-E Monthly New Entries November 2019

Significantly Revised

宗法 [the thesis property also found in its logical reason (pakṣadharma)] (Dan Lusthaus)

New Entries: 80 (DDB Total: 73,448)

倶舍耶衣 [kavśeya] {Bhikkhuni Vimalanyani}

僧闍耶 [Sañjaya] {Bhikkhuni Vimalanyani}

偸蘭難陀 [Thullanandā] {Bhikkhuni Vimalanyani}

園民 [(Skt. ārāmika)] {Bhikkhuni Vimalanyani}

多羅僧 [uttarâsaṅga] {Bhikkhuni Vimalanyani}

拘梨 [Kolīya] {Bhikkhuni Vimalanyani}

捨置羯磨 [act of suspension] {Bhikkhuni Vimalanyani}

摩多梨 [Mātali] {Bhikkhuni Vimalanyani}

擧羯磨 [act of suspension] {Bhikkhuni Vimalanyani}

比舍離 [Vaiśālī] {Bhikkhuni Vimalanyani}

求寂女 [novice nun] {Bhikkhuni Vimalanyani}

生色似色 [gold and silver] {Bhikkhuni Vimalanyani}

竭住 [Gartodara] {Bhikkhuni Vimalanyani}

羯利沙槃 [(Skt. kārṣâpaṇa)] {Bhikkhuni Vimalanyani}

蘇河 [Sarpiṇikā River] {Bhikkhuni Vimalanyani}

衣直 [robe fund] {Bhikkhuni Vimalanyani}

變形 [join another (non-Buddhist) sect;] {Bhikkhuni Vimalanyani}

鄔波斯伽 [upāsikā] {Bhikkhuni Vimalanyani}

鉤鉢 [kupātra] {Bhikkhuni Vimalanyani}

鍵鎡 [(Skt. kāṃsikā)] {Bhikkhuni Vimalanyani}

鞞闍耶 [Vijaya] {Bhikkhuni Vimalanyani}

驅牟提 [kṣaumutikā] {Bhikkhuni Vimalanyani}

介爾一念 [a single moment of transient thought ] {Billy Brewster}

介爾心 [a transient thought] {Billy Brewster}

介爾陰妄心 [a transient thought in the deluded mind] {Billy Brewster}

境智冥合 [object and cognition merge into one] {Billy Brewster}

愚癡顚倒 [deluded and cognitively distorted ] {Billy Brewster}

所立宗 [thesis (pakṣa) ] {Billy Brewster}

稱性 [to accord with nature] {Billy Brewster}

能屬 [what depends (on something else) ] {Billy Brewster}

呵梨跋摩 [Harivarman] {Dan Lusthaus}

唯識大意 [Yuishiki dai'i] {Piotr Pieścik}

法相二卷鈔 [Hossō nikan shō] {Piotr Pieścik}

不善所引喜 [joy stimulated by unwholesomeness] {Charles Muller}

仁王護國般若波羅蜜經疏 [Renwang huguo banruo boluomijing shu] {Charles Muller}

住於捨 [remain in a state of indifference] {Charles Muller}

名句味 [words, phrases, and syllables] {Charles Muller}

嗅多 [(Skt. huta)] {Charles Muller}

嚴身 [adorn one's body] {Charles Muller}

圊圂 [privy] {Charles Muller}

圊廁 [privy] {Charles Muller}

增減二邊 [two extremes of reification and denial] {Charles Muller}

壞敗 [destroy] {Charles Muller}

威勢執取 [ardent attachment to the precepts] {Charles Muller}

富饒 [rich] {Charles Muller}

寵愛 [tp love] {Charles Muller}

寶貝 [cowrie] {Charles Muller}

小弟 [my younger brother] {Charles Muller}

尼比丘 [bhikṣuṇī] {Charles Muller}

廣說如上 [explained at length above] {Charles Muller}

於諸方 [in various directions] {Charles Muller}

月忠 [Wolchung] {Charles Muller}

欲所引喜 [joy induced by desire] {Charles Muller}

正信偈 [Shōshin ge] {Charles Muller}

正信念佛偈 [Shōshin nembutsu ge] {Charles Muller}

殄滅 [to exterminate] {Charles Muller}

殲滅 [to exterminate] {Charles Muller}

沙門釋子 [renunciant Buddhists] {Charles Muller}

洗面 [to wash the face] {Charles Muller}

洗面架 [a washing room] {Charles Muller}

無施與 [no charity] {Charles Muller}

生死與涅槃 [saṃsāra and nirvana] {Charles Muller}

眞實品 [Chapter on Reality] {Charles Muller}

祗管打坐 [meditation of just sitting] {Charles Muller}

究竟無比 [ultimately incomparable] {Charles Muller}

立大小便 [to defecate and urinate from a standing position] {Charles Muller}

第一義相 [definition of the ultimate truth] {Charles Muller}

羝羊 [ram] {Charles Muller}

能執所執 [grasper and grasped] {Charles Muller}

行殺 [to kill] {Charles Muller}

誘誑 [incite] {Charles Muller}

諸法品類 [categories of dharmas] {Charles Muller}

謗因 [reject causation] {Charles Muller}

身病 [physical illness] {Charles Muller}

鄙劣 [poor] {Charles Muller}

雜記 [to take notes] {Charles Muller}

非時入聚落 [to enter a village at the wrong time] {Charles Muller}

非無性 [no non-nature] {Charles Muller}

須說 [must explain] {Charles Muller}

New CJKV-E entries: 141 (CJKV-E Total: 61,273)

宿志 [long-cherished ambition] (Yao Zhang)

宿根 [perennial root] (Yao Zhang)

宿業 [karma carrying over from past lives] (Yao Zhang)

宿營 [soldiers' camp] (Yao Zhang)

宿留 [(to) wait overnight] (Yao Zhang)

宿老 [respected old man] (Yao Zhang)

宿舍 [dormitory] (Yao Zhang)

宿衞 [palace guard] (Yao Zhang)

寄居蟲 [pagurian] (Yao Zhang)

密宗 [esoteric Buddhism] (Yao Zhang)

密網 [fine net] (Yao Zhang)

富厚 [rich] (Yao Zhang)

富庶 [rich and populous] (Yao Zhang)

富給 [wealthy] (Yao Zhang)

富翁 [rich man] (Yao Zhang)

富饒 [rich] (Yao Zhang)

富麗 [sumptuous] (Yao Zhang)

寒帶 [arctic Circle] (Yao Zhang)

寒戰 [(to) tremble with fear] (Yao Zhang)

寒食 [(to) abstain from cooked food] (Yao Zhang)

寓公 [deposed ruler] (Yao Zhang)

寓意 [implied meaning] (Yao Zhang)

寥闊 [lonely] (Yao Zhang)

實利 [actual benefit] (Yao Zhang)

實力 [actual strength] (Yao Zhang)

實在 [reality] (Yao Zhang)

實字 [actual word] (Yao Zhang)

實意 [sincerity] (Yao Zhang)

實物 [real objects] (Yao Zhang)

實習 [(to) practice] (Yao Zhang)

實質 [real substance] (Yao Zhang)

實錄 [factual history] (Yao Zhang)

寧息 [(to) enjoy quiet and rest] (Yao Zhang)

審判 [(to) hold court trial] (Yao Zhang)

審定 [(to) approve officially] (Yao Zhang)

審度 [(to) study and weigh] (Yao Zhang)

審料 [(to) study and weigh] (Yao Zhang)

審核 [(to) examine and pass on] (Yao Zhang)

審理 [(to) take up a case] (Yao Zhang)

審處 [(to) deliberate and decide] (Yao Zhang)

寫字 [(to) Calligraphy] (Yao Zhang)

寫實 [(to) write realistically] (Yao Zhang)

寫照 [portrait] (Yao Zhang)

寫生 [(to) sketch from nature] (Yao Zhang)

寫眞 [(to) draw a portrait] (Yao Zhang)

寬免 [(to) pardon] (Yao Zhang)

寬窄 [width] (Yao Zhang)

寬綽 [generous] (Yao Zhang)

寬貸 [(to) pardon] (Yao Zhang)

寰區 [all within the realm] (Yao Zhang)

寰宇 [whole world] (Yao Zhang)

寵嬖 [court favorite] (Yao Zhang)

寵愛 [(to) love] (Yao Zhang)

寵異 [extra special treatment] (Yao Zhang)

寶石 [jewel] (Yao Zhang)

寶貝 [precious shellfish] (Yao Zhang)

寶貨 [precious object] (Yao Zhang)

寸田 [small field] (Yao Zhang)

封印 [(to) seal] (Yao Zhang)

封君 [enfeoffed noble] (Yao Zhang)

封守 [(to) guard the border] (Yao Zhang)

封拜 [(to) create nobles] (Yao Zhang)

封殖 [(to) bank up earth around trees] (Yao Zhang)

封禪 [grand ceremony of worship of heaven] (Yao Zhang)

封蠟 [sealing wax] (Yao Zhang)

射侯 [(to) hit the target] (Yao Zhang)

射倖 [(to) try one's luck at lottery] (Yao Zhang)

射獵 [hunt using a bow and arrow] (Yao Zhang)

射策 [subject of an official recruitment examination] (Yao Zhang)

射覆 [guessing game] (Yao Zhang)

專使 [special emissary] (Yao Zhang)

專修 [(to) specialize in study] (Yao Zhang)

專征 [enjoy full powers in the field for all military decisions] (Yao Zhang)

專業 [specialty] (Yao Zhang)

專權 [(to) become absolute head of government] (Yao Zhang)

專祠 [temple dedicated to a single deity or sacrifice] (Yao Zhang)

尊侯 [your esteemed father] (Yao Zhang)

尊前 [before wine cups] [may I beg to lay this before you] (Yao Zhang)

尊命 [your wishes] (Yao Zhang)

尊嚴 [dignity] (Yao Zhang)

尊堂 [your esteemed mother] (Yao Zhang)

尊大人 [your esteemed father] (Yao Zhang)

尊容 [your countenance] (Yao Zhang)

尊屬 [respected relatives] (Yao Zhang)

尊祖 [venerable ancestors] (Yao Zhang)

尊稱 [your respectful name] (Yao Zhang)

尊貴 [respectable] (Yao Zhang)

尊顯 [respectable] [place someone in a high social position] (Yao Zhang)

對壘 [(to) stand facing each other] (Yao Zhang)

對局 [(to) play a game of go] (Yao Zhang)

對手 [opponent in a contest] (Yao Zhang)

對照 [(to) contrast] (Yao Zhang)

對等 [on an equal footing] (Yao Zhang)

對答 [(to) reply to questions] (Yao Zhang)

導師 [tutor] (Yao Zhang)

導體 [conductor] (Yao Zhang)

小半 [lesser half] (Yao Zhang)

小君 [wife of a feudal prince] (Yao Zhang)

小姑 [husband's younger sister] (Yao Zhang)

小小 [very small] (Yao Zhang)

小引 [brief foreword] (Yao Zhang)

小弟 [i, your little brother] (Yao Zhang)

小照 [portrait photo] (Yao Zhang)

小篆 [lesser seal script] (Yao Zhang)

小腦 [cerebellum] (Yao Zhang)

小腹 [belly] (Yao Zhang)

擅柄 [(to) arrogate all powers to oneself] (Yao Zhang)

擅權 [(to) arrogate power] (Yao Zhang)

特使 [special emissary] (Yao Zhang)

素志 [ordinary intentions] (Yao Zhang)

素意 [ordinary intentions] (Yao Zhang)

素望 [ordinary intentions] (Yao Zhang)

[privy] (Charles Muller)

圊圂 [toilet] (Charles Muller)

圊廁 [toilet] (Charles Muller)

圊溷 [toilet] (Charles Muller)

宿意 [long-cherished ambition] (Charles Muller)

富實 [rich] (Charles Muller)

寵倖 [(to) love] (Charles Muller)

寵幸 [(to) love] (Charles Muller)

封贈 [enfeoffments and posthumous honors] (Charles Muller)

射幸 [(to) try one's luck at lottery] (Charles Muller)

尊母 [your esteemed mother] (Charles Muller)

小序 [brief foreword] (Charles Muller)

少半 [lesser half] (Charles Muller)

少君 [wife of a feudal prince] (Charles Muller)

[(to) disparage] (Charles Muller)

掌案 [file Clerk] (Charles Muller)

[(to) ward off] (Charles Muller)

敵手 [equal match] (Charles Muller)

日暮 [twilight] (Charles Muller)

東風 [east wind] (Charles Muller)

[ash tree] (Charles Muller)

樽前 [before wine cups] (Charles Muller)

[feathers] (Charles Muller)

珍石 [jewel] (Charles Muller)

眼病 [eye disease] (Charles Muller)

答案 [answers to examination question] (Charles Muller)

衡嶽 [Hengshan] (Charles Muller)

解熱 [(to) relieve fever] (Charles Muller)

阿監 [female supervisor of the palace maidens] (Charles Muller)

Total new DDB and CJKV-E entries this month: 221