DDB and CJKV-E Monthly New Entries February 2020

Significantly Revised

大慧 [Daie (Japanese monk)] (Charles Muller)

妙好人 [homme d’excellence sublime] (Frédéric Girard)

他力 [force tierce] (Frédéric Girard)

New Entries: 215 (DDB Total: 73,954)

內蘊 [The internal (four) aggregates] {Billy Brewster}

外蘊 [external aggregate] {Billy Brewster}

方分 [direction-part] {Billy Brewster}

有情身 [body of a sentient being] {Billy Brewster}

三乘種姓 [three types of seed natures] {Piotr Pieścik}

恆相續 [constantly continuing] {Piotr Pieścik}

有漏法爾種子 [contaminated primordial seeds] {Piotr Pieścik}

無漏法爾種子 [uncontaminated primordial seeds] {Piotr Pieścik}

獨覺種子 [seeds of the pratyekabuddha nature] {Piotr Pieścik}

眞異熟 [real ripening] {Piotr Pieścik}

聲聞種子 [seeds of the śrāvaka nature] {Piotr Pieścik}

體同安危 [the psychophysical interdependence of the storehouse consciousness and the body] {Piotr Pieścik}

一切法本性淸淨 [intrinsic nature of all dharmas is pure] {Charles Muller}

下人 [inferior person] {Charles Muller}

不作智 [knowledge of non-action] {Charles Muller}

不動散 [unmoved] {Charles Muller}

不動無倒 [cognitive non-distortion based on immovability] {Charles Muller}

不如是說 [does not teach this] {Charles Muller}

不著文字 [not attached to words] {Charles Muller}

不謗毀 [does not denigrate] {Charles Muller}

不謗毀大乘 [does not denigrate the Great Vehicle] {Charles Muller}

不起及時等 [nonarising and simultaneity] {Charles Muller}

不錯 [not wrong] {Charles Muller}

世出世道 [mundane and transmundane paths] {Charles Muller}

中道法 [dharma of the middle way] {Charles Muller}

亂境自性因 [objects, intrinsic nature, and causes of confusion] {Charles Muller}

亂無亂二果 [results of confusion and non-confusion] {Charles Muller}

亂相 [signs of distraction] {Charles Muller}

二供養 [two kinds of offerings] {Charles Muller}

人中最勝 [most excellent among humans] {Charles Muller}

任持所緣 [objective supports for retention] {Charles Muller}

但有名 [name-only] {Charles Muller}

佛地修證 [cultivation and realization in the stage of buddhahood] {Charles Muller}

作意散亂 [distraction by mental orientation] {Charles Muller}

作意無倒 [cognitive non-distortion in regard to mental orientation] {Charles Muller}

信從 [to trust] {Charles Muller}

信服 [to trust] {Charles Muller}

信解修證 [cultivation and realization based on conviction] {Charles Muller}

修定加行 [applied practice of meditation] {Charles Muller}

修毘缽舍那 [cultivation of observing meditation] {Charles Muller}

修法行 [cultivate dharma practices] {Charles Muller}

倒者 [distorted] {Charles Muller}

假有情 [nominal sentient beings] {Charles Muller}

先染後淨 [first defiled and then purified] {Charles Muller}

入離生修證 [cultivation and realization in the entry into the state of freedom from arising] {Charles Muller}

內持 [to preserve] {Charles Muller}

內持所緣 [objective support for preservation] {Charles Muller}

內散亂 [internal distraction] {Charles Muller}

兩木生火喩 [simile of rubbing two sticks together to produce fire] {Charles Muller}

六散亂 [six kinds of distraction] {Charles Muller}

六種散亂 [six kinds of distraction] {Charles Muller}

共相無倒 [cognitive non-distortion in regard to ] {Charles Muller}

分證所緣 [objective support for partial realization] {Charles Muller}

利益他事 [work of bringing benefit to others] {Charles Muller}

制造 [to create] {Charles Muller}

前際亦空 [also empty in the past] {Charles Muller}

十二種所緣 [twelve kinds of objective support] {Charles Muller}

十六種 [sixteen kinds] {Charles Muller}

十無倒 [ten kinds of cognitive non-distortion] {Charles Muller}

十種修證 [ten kinds of practice and realization] {Charles Muller}

十金剛句 [ten adamantine phrases] {Charles Muller}

印持所緣 [objective supports for ascertainment] {Charles Muller}

受記作佛 [receive assurance of attaining (future) buddhahood] {Charles Muller}

可生怖 [fearsome] {Charles Muller}

味沈掉 [indulgence in sinking and agitation] {Charles Muller}

喩虛空 [space as metaphor] {Charles Muller}

喪服 [mourning clothes] {Charles Muller}

堅實義 [substantial] {Charles Muller}

增益有情邊 [extreme (view) of reification of sentient beings] {Charles Muller}

增長所緣 [objective supports for advancement] {Charles Muller}

外散 [external distraction] {Charles Muller}

外散亂 [external distraction] {Charles Muller}

外道及聲聞 [non-Buddhists and direct disciples] {Charles Muller}

外道邊 [extreme view of non-Buddhists] {Charles Muller}

大乘修多羅 [sutra of the great vehicle] {Charles Muller}

大藏教 [great collection of teachings] {Charles Muller}

契經等法 [teachings of the sutras] {Charles Muller}

如所施設 [as disclosed] {Charles Muller}

安立境智 [establishment of objects and cognition] {Charles Muller}

安立法施設所緣 [objective support for establishing the designations of phenomena] {Charles Muller}

客無倒 [cognitive non-distortion in regard to ] {Charles Muller}

客相 [adventitiousness] {Charles Muller}

客非主 [adventitious rather than originally present] {Charles Muller}

宣唱 [to recite loudly] {Charles Muller}

對根 [according to faculties] {Charles Muller}

少見 [rarely seen] {Charles Muller}

展墓 [to visit a grave] {Charles Muller}

山羊 [goat] {Charles Muller}

山阿 [spur or turn in the mountains] {Charles Muller}

山頭 [hilltop] {Charles Muller}

工巧諸伎藝 [artisans and entertainers] {Charles Muller}

差別法門 [approach of classification of teachings] {Charles Muller}

常住邊 [extreme (view) of permanence] {Charles Muller}

常定 [always in samādhi] {Charles Muller}

幻師喩 [simile of the illusionist] {Charles Muller}

幻等喩 [illusion and such metaphors] {Charles Muller}

廣大義 [vast meaning] {Charles Muller}

後有生 [(subsequent) rebirth] {Charles Muller}

後有相續 [continuity of rebirth] {Charles Muller}

後有願 [desire for rebirth] {Charles Muller}

得不退地受記修證 [cultivation and realization in receiving the assurance (of future awakening) on the stage of non-retrogression] {Charles Muller}

心有實 [mind is real] {Charles Muller}

心疾 [swift of thought] {Charles Muller}

念念起 [moment-to-moment arising] {Charles Muller}

怖高 [fear and arrogance] {Charles Muller}

惕然 [to be anxious] {Charles Muller}

應遍了知 [should thoroughly understand] {Charles Muller}

成熟有情修證 [cultivation and realization in the maturation of sentient beings] {Charles Muller}

我慢現行 [manifestation of self-conceit] {Charles Muller}

我無我 [self and no-self] {Charles Muller}

所寂 [that which is silenced] {Charles Muller}

所擾動 [moved] {Charles Muller}

所求事業成滿 [achieve oneʼs aims] {Charles Muller}

所治及能治 [that which is corrected and the antidote] {Charles Muller}

所治邊 [extreme (view) regarding what is to be remedied] {Charles Muller}

所立所緣 [objective support for what is established] {Charles Muller}

所聞實義 [the real meaning of (the teaching) that is heard] {Charles Muller}

所能取 [grasped and grasper] {Charles Muller}

擾動 [to move] {Charles Muller}

攝他 [to give benefit to others] {Charles Muller}

散亂者 [distracted] {Charles Muller}

文無倒 [cognitive non-distortion in regard to syllables] {Charles Muller}

斷滅邊 [extreme (view) of annihilationism] {Charles Muller}

方位 [direction] {Charles Muller}

於現世中 [in this life] {Charles Muller}

書寫供養 [copying scriptures and making offerings] {Charles Muller}

最勝所緣 [supreme objective supports] {Charles Muller}

最大果 [great result] {Charles Muller}

有情法 [sentient beings and phenomena] {Charles Muller}

有明 [existence of knowing] {Charles Muller}

有無不動 [unmoved by existence or nonexistence] {Charles Muller}

有雜染 [defiled] {Charles Muller}

未滅及已滅 [not yet eliminated or already eliminated] {Charles Muller}

本來性無染 [intrinsic nature is undefiled] {Charles Muller}

本性常 [original nature is constant] {Charles Muller}

本性淨 [fundamental purity] {Charles Muller}

本朝 [this court] {Charles Muller}

染淨無倒 [cognitive non-distortion in regard to ] {Charles Muller}

染淨義 [meanings of defilement and purity] {Charles Muller}

正爲他開演文義 [to accurately explain the meaning of a scripture to another] {Charles Muller}

正行修證 [cultivation and realization based on correct practice] {Charles Muller}

正邪 [right and wrong] {Charles Muller}

正開演 [accurate elucidation (of the scriptures)] {Charles Muller}

求出離 [seek escape] {Charles Muller}

求聞 [to seek to hear] {Charles Muller}

法本性 [intrinsic nature of phenomena] {Charles Muller}

法界所緣 [reality as objective support] {Charles Muller}

淨土修證 [cultivation and realization in purifying a realm] {Charles Muller}

深密堅實義 [profound and substantial meaning] {Charles Muller}

滅補特伽羅 [reject the notion of person] {Charles Muller}

無亂轉變 [unconfused forthcoming] {Charles Muller}

無二分 [not having two parts] {Charles Muller}

無倒行 [unmistaken activity] {Charles Muller}

無境智 [cognition of the nonexistence of objects] {Charles Muller}

無怖高 [no fear or arrogance] {Charles Muller}

無方分 [lacking directional parts] {Charles Muller}

無明業識 [nescient karmic consciousness] {Charles Muller}

無減亦無增 [neither increase nor decrease] {Charles Muller}

無減無增 [without decrease or increase] {Charles Muller}

無火相 [no characteristics of fire] {Charles Muller}

無起智 [cognition of nonarising] {Charles Muller}

無闕 [faultless] {Charles Muller}

無顚倒轉變 [ripening free from cognitive error] {Charles Muller}

無高 [not elevated] {Charles Muller}

[banked fire] {Charles Muller}

燈喩 [simile of the lamp] {Charles Muller}

爲離 [to be free from] {Charles Muller}

由此無分別 [based on this nondiscrimination] {Charles Muller}

畫師喩 [simile of the painter] {Charles Muller}

瘂羊 [mute sheep] {Charles Muller}

癡兀 [Chikotsu] {Charles Muller}

知義 [aware of object(s) ] {Charles Muller}

知見此 [to know this] {Charles Muller}

矯示 [dissimulate] {Charles Muller}

破戒者 [one who breaks the precepts] {Charles Muller}

示現菩提修證 [cultivation and realization in the exposition of awakening (bodhi)] {Charles Muller}

社禝 [the realm] {Charles Muller}

社稷 [the god of the soil and the god of the five grains] {Charles Muller}

種性修證 [cultivation and realization in oneʼs spiritual lineage] {Charles Muller}

空間 [space] {Charles Muller}

端嚴殊特 [pleasant] {Charles Muller}

等運所緣 [objective supports for meditative equanimity] {Charles Muller}

罕見 [rarely seen] {Charles Muller}

義無倒 [non-distortion in regard to objects] {Charles Muller}

聲聞邊 [extreme (views) of śrāvakas] {Charles Muller}

能寂 [calming] {Charles Muller}

能攝益 [able to confer benefits] {Charles Muller}

能正悟入 [to enable true understanding] {Charles Muller}

能治邊 [extreme view regarding antidotes] {Charles Muller}

能無間斷 [without interruption] {Charles Muller}

能立所緣 [objective support for establishing] {Charles Muller}

自披讀 [reading for oneself] {Charles Muller}

自相無倒 [cognitive non-distortion in regard to distinctive characteristics] {Charles Muller}

自體相 [distinctive attribute] {Charles Muller}

與此相違 [if it were not so] {Charles Muller}

處中二邊 [two extremes in relation to the middle] {Charles Muller}

言作意 [linguistic mental orientation] {Charles Muller}

言所熏習 [perfumed by language] {Charles Muller}

諸象 [various objects] {Charles Muller}

趣入修治地 [to enter into the ground of spiritual purification] {Charles Muller}

辯中邊境 [distinguish the objects of the middle and the extremes] {Charles Muller}

通達所緣 [objective support for penetration] {Charles Muller}

長時集 [to gather for a long time] {Charles Muller}

離怖 [fearless] {Charles Muller}

難說 [difficult to explain] {Charles Muller}

順正性 [tendency to go along with what is correct] {Charles Muller}

顚倒作意 [erroneous mental orientation] {Charles Muller}

顚倒相 [marks of cognitive distortion] {Charles Muller}

顚倒轉 [inverted function] {Charles Muller}

饒益諸群生 [to confer benefit on all beings] {Charles Muller}

麤重散亂 [distraction by debilitation] {Charles Muller}

黑品白品 [black elements and white elements] {Charles Muller}

New CJKV-E entries: 208 (CJKV-E Total: 61,683)

對聯 [couplet] (Yao Zhang)

對角線 [diagonal line] (Yao Zhang)

就位 [(to) take a seat] (Yao Zhang)

就班 [(to) take a seat] (Yao Zhang)

尸利 [hold sinecure job and act like a corpse] (Yao Zhang)

尸祿 [hold a sinecure job and act like a corpse] (Yao Zhang)

尸諫 [remonstrate with the emperor by sending a letter and committing suicide] (Yao Zhang)

尺籍 [military register] (Yao Zhang)

尺素 [letters] (Yao Zhang)

尾擊 [(to) attack from the rear] (Yao Zhang)

尿毒症 [uremia] (Yao Zhang)

尿道 [urethra] (Yao Zhang)

局促 [nervous] (Yao Zhang)

局子 [food] (Yao Zhang)

局度 [capacity] (Yao Zhang)

局所 [body part] (Yao Zhang)

局束 [agitated] (Yao Zhang)

局趣 [nervous] (Yao Zhang)

局量 [capacity] (Yao Zhang)

局長 [director of a bureau] (Yao Zhang)

居中 [(to) remain in the middle] (Yao Zhang)

居住 [(to) live in a place] (Yao Zhang)

居多 [mostly] (Yao Zhang)

居心 [(to) have intentions] (Yao Zhang)

居閒 [(to) remain in the middle] (Yao Zhang)

屈枉 [(to) accuse falsely] (Yao Zhang)

屈膝 [(to) bend one's knee to someone] (Yao Zhang)

屈蟠 [twisted] (Yao Zhang)

屈辱 [(to) humiliate] (Yao Zhang)

屍體 [dead body] (Yao Zhang)

屑屑 [trivial] (Yao Zhang)

屑意 [(to) mind] (Yao Zhang)

展墓 [(to) visit a grave] (Yao Zhang)

展縮 [(to) expand and shrink] (Yao Zhang)

展覽 [(to) put on display] (Yao Zhang)

展觀 [(to) put on display] (Yao Zhang)

屯墾 [open up frontier land for cultivation] (Yao Zhang)

屯田 [tax collector] [station soldiers on borders, making them raise their own food] (Yao Zhang)

山丹 [lily] [Shandan] (Yao Zhang)

山半 [halfway up a hill] (Yao Zhang)

山君 [tiger] (Yao Zhang)

山壑 [mountain valley] (Yao Zhang)

山宅 [mountain lodge] (Yao Zhang)

山家 [mountain lodge] (Yao Zhang)

山房 [mountain lodge] (Yao Zhang)

山羊 [goat] (Yao Zhang)

山脈 [mountain range] (Yao Zhang)

山腹 [halfway up a hill] (Yao Zhang)

山腰 [halfway up a hill] (Yao Zhang)

山芋 [sweet potato] (Yao Zhang)

山莊 [mountain lodge] (Yao Zhang)

山藥 [yam] (Yao Zhang)

山谷 [mountain valley] [Shan'gu] (Yao Zhang)

山都 [species of baboon] (Yao Zhang)

山長 [recluse scholar] (Yao Zhang)

山阿 [spur or turn in the mountains] (Yao Zhang)

山雀 [titmouse] (Yao Zhang)

山頭 [hilltop] (Yao Zhang)

岡陵 [high mound] (Yao Zhang)

岩壁 [cliff] (Yao Zhang)

岩漿 [magma] (Yao Zhang)

岩鹽 [rock salt] (Yao Zhang)

岸獄 [prison] (Yao Zhang)

峭刻 [severe] (Yao Zhang)

峻切 [strict] (Yao Zhang)

峻勵 [strict] (Yao Zhang)

師父 [fatherly master] (Yao Zhang)

師範 [teacher as model] [teacher of the fine or martial arts] (Yao Zhang)

師表 [teacher as model] (Yao Zhang)

常備兵 [regular army] (Yao Zhang)

常川 [continually] (Yao Zhang)

常式 [regular form or style] (Yao Zhang)

常業 [regular profession] (Yao Zhang)

常理 [conventional reasoning and morals] (Yao Zhang)

常產 [steady livelihood] (Yao Zhang)

常祀 [regular sacrifices] (Yao Zhang)

常綠 [evergreen] (Yao Zhang)

幅巾 [turban made of the full length of material] (Yao Zhang)

心智 [intelligence] (Yao Zhang)

心疾 [heart condition] (Yao Zhang)

心窩 [pit of one's stomach] (Yao Zhang)

心聲 [voice of the heart] (Yao Zhang)

心膽 [courage] (Yao Zhang)

必定 [inevitably] (Yao Zhang)

忍冬 [honeysuckle] (Yao Zhang)

忍受 [(to) endure] (Yao Zhang)

忙碌 [busy] (Yao Zhang)

掃墓 [(to) visit a grave] (Yao Zhang)

煩細 [trivial] (Yao Zhang)

紅百合 [lily] (Yao Zhang)

鳩尾 [pit of one's stomach] (Yao Zhang)

上行 [(to) ascend] (Charles Muller)

位相 [phase] (Charles Muller)

作聖 [(to) become a sage] (Charles Muller)

佩紱 [tassel holding an insignia of rank] (Charles Muller)

使相 [commissioner-Councilor] (Charles Muller)

冬月 [winter months] (Charles Muller)

副室 [concubine] (Charles Muller)

印紱 [tassel holding an insignia of rank] (Charles Muller)

印韍 [tassel holding an insignia of rank] (Charles Muller)

同擧 [(to) cooperate] (Charles Muller)

同知 [(to) know in common] (Charles Muller)

君言 [ruler speaks] (Charles Muller)

命駕 [tell one's servants to prepare the vehicle for departure] (Charles Muller)

圓柱 [cylinder] (Charles Muller)

在于 [(to) reside in] (Charles Muller)

塊莖 [tuber] (Charles Muller)

大少 [great and small] (Charles Muller)

天覆 [heaven covers everything] (Charles Muller)

姫元 [Ji Yuan] (Charles Muller)

官海 [government service] (Charles Muller)

官途 [government service] (Charles Muller)

寶鑑 [exemplar] (Charles Muller)

對句 [poetic couplet] (Charles Muller)

小差 [slight difference] (Charles Muller)

展示 [(to) put on display] (Charles Muller)

屯耕 [open up frontier land for cultivation] (Charles Muller)

峻厲 [pitiless] (Charles Muller)

峻烈 [strict] (Charles Muller)

巖壁 [cliff] (Charles Muller)

師帥 [teacher as model] (Charles Muller)

律書 [legal text] (Charles Muller)

得利 [(to) obtain benefit] (Charles Muller)

得理 [reasonable] (Charles Muller)

必治 [must be governed] (Charles Muller)

急緩 [(to) tighten and to loosen] (Charles Muller)

怪獸 [monster] (Charles Muller)

惕然 [anxious] (Charles Muller)

慈尊 [compassionate sage] (Charles Muller)

手本 [memo] (Charles Muller)

承詔 [(to) receive divine guidance] (Charles Muller)

投水 [(to) throw into the water] (Charles Muller)

投石 [(to) throw a stone] (Charles Muller)

排佛 [(to) disparage Buddhism] (Charles Muller)

採摭 [(to) gather] (Charles Muller)

擬度 [(to) conjecture] (Charles Muller)

於焉 [in this] (Charles Muller)

早退 [(to) leave early] (Charles Muller)

明賞 [(to) praise clearly] (Charles Muller)

智惠 [wisdom] (Charles Muller)

曾識 [(to) have previous knowledge of] (Charles Muller)

朝聞道夕死可 [If I hear the way in the morning, I can die in the evening] (Charles Muller)

未讀 [not yet read] (Charles Muller)

松醪 [pine wine] (Charles Muller)

機緣 [chance] (Charles Muller)

欲愛 [love springing from desire] (Charles Muller)

民無兩主 [people do not have two masters] (Charles Muller)

濕病 [rheumatism] (Charles Muller)

火炎 [(to) blaze] (Charles Muller)

火焰 [(to) blaze] (Charles Muller)

火燄 [(to) blaze] (Charles Muller)

[(to) temper] (Charles Muller)

焠刀 [(to) temper a sword] (Charles Muller)

無因 [without any reason] (Charles Muller)

無處 [nowhere] (Charles Muller)

[sultriness] (Charles Muller)

[(to) iron] (Charles Muller)

熅斗 [iron] (Charles Muller)

熅火 [banked fire] (Charles Muller)

狒狒 [species of baboon] (Charles Muller)

[snarling of dogs] (Charles Muller)

璽紱 [tassel holding an insignia of rank] (Charles Muller)

生知 [innate wisdom] (Charles Muller)

[paralysis] (Charles Muller)

[(to) jerk in sharply] (Charles Muller)

[jaundice] (Charles Muller)

癸未 [guiwei] [twentieth year of the 60 year cycle] (Charles Muller)

百氏 [all the scholars] (Charles Muller)

相共 [together] (Charles Muller)

相扶 [mutual dependence] (Charles Muller)

[(to) stare] (Charles Muller)

[ore] (Charles Muller)

社禝 [realm] (Charles Muller)

[sacrifice offered at the end of the three years' (actually, 25 months) mourning the death of a parent] (Charles Muller)

移居 [(to) migrate] (Charles Muller)

[grains] (Charles Muller)

端嚴 [upright] (Charles Muller)

[(to) append] (Charles Muller)

簉室 [concubine] (Charles Muller)

累年 [year after year] (Charles Muller)

累歲 [year after year] (Charles Muller)

[(to) put on] (Charles Muller)

肉質 [fleshiness] (Charles Muller)

背私 [(to) disregard personal benefit] (Charles Muller)

自敗 [natural failure] (Charles Muller)

薯蕷 [yam] (Charles Muller)

藤本 [vine plant] (Charles Muller)

表率 [teacher as model] (Charles Muller)

要攬 [outline] (Charles Muller)

要覽 [outline] (Charles Muller)

詎能 [how can. . . ?] (Charles Muller)

詐者 [deceiver] (Charles Muller)

詘膝 [(to) bend one's knee to someone] (Charles Muller)

迦葉 [Kāśyapa] (Charles Muller)

追擊 [(to) attack from the rear] (Charles Muller)

違制 [(to) disrupt the system] (Charles Muller)

遠奧 [profound] (Charles Muller)

采摭 [(to) gather] (Charles Muller)

長生久視 [(to) grow old with unfailing eyes] (Charles Muller)

閨幃 [ladyʼs chamber] (Charles Muller)

閨房 [ladyʼs chamber] (Charles Muller)

閨閫 [ladyʼs chamber] (Charles Muller)

閨閤 [ladyʼs chamber] (Charles Muller)

閨闈 [ladyʼs chamber] (Charles Muller)

閨闥 [ladyʼs chamber] (Charles Muller)

[palace gate] (Charles Muller)

鼠洞 [rathole] (Charles Muller)

鼠穴 [rathole] (Charles Muller)

Total new DDB and CJKV-E entries this month: 423