DDB and CJKV-E Monthly New Entries April 2020

New Entries: 88 (DDB Total: 74,147)

破沙 [magistrate] {Ruixuan Chen}

三武滅佛 [persecutions under the three Wus] {Charles Jones}

三武之禍 [persecutions under the three Wus] {Charles Jones}

五色根 [five physical sense faculties] {Billy Brewster}

今經 [this sutra] {Billy Brewster}

取至境 [to grasp an object] {Billy Brewster}

四種意識 [four types of manovijñāna] {Billy Brewster}

四墮法 [four grave offenses] {Billy Brewster}

夢中意識 [manovijñāna in dreaming] {Billy Brewster}

定中獨頭意識 [concentrated manovijñāna arising independently of the five ordinary senses] {Billy Brewster}

定中意識 [absorbed manovijñāna] {Billy Brewster}

明了意識 [illuminating manovijñāna] {Billy Brewster}

根見家 [the view that the faculty sees] {Billy Brewster}

根見 [the view that the faculty sees things] {Billy Brewster}

獨散意識 [distracted manovijñāna] {Billy Brewster}

眞實體 [true form] {Billy Brewster}

眼見家 [the view that the faculty sees] {Billy Brewster}

聞所成地 [stage completed by hearing ] {Billy Brewster}

至境 [to directly perceive an object] {Billy Brewster}

色根現量 [direct perception through the sense faculty] {Billy Brewster}

見聞知覺 [seen, heard, perceived, and cognized] {Billy Brewster}

覺觸 [to sense] {Billy Brewster}

識見家 [the view that consciousness sees] {Billy Brewster}

陽春 [warmth of spring] {Billy Brewster}

不局 [not limited] {Charles Muller}

事理相對 [contrast between phenomena and principle] {Charles Muller}

倶生智 [innate cognition] {Charles Muller}

假緣 [nominal referent] {Charles Muller}

全無相違 [without any contradiction whatsoever] {Charles Muller}

八忍八智 [eight kinds of tolerance and eight kinds of cognition] {Charles Muller}

分得 [to obtain partially] {Charles Muller}

剋性 [capability] {Charles Muller}

只須 [just a moment] {Charles Muller}

品數 [chapter numbers] {Charles Muller}

唯是 [just this] {Charles Muller}

四大所造 [created from the four elements] {Charles Muller}

四大造 [created from the four elements] {Charles Muller}

四種法身 [four kinds of dharma body] {Charles Muller}

對吿人 [interlocutor] {Charles Muller}

對吿者 [interlocutor] {Charles Muller}

對場 [specific audience] {Charles Muller}

形狀相似 [appearance is similar] {Charles Muller}

很戻 [go against the proper principles] {Charles Muller}

悉皆具足 [quite full] {Charles Muller}

慳鄙 [greed] {Charles Muller}

所詮義 [the doctrine that is expressed] {Charles Muller}

擬宜 [to test for suitability] {Charles Muller}

攝歸 [to be included in] {Charles Muller}

救濟苦 [to save from suffering] {Charles Muller}

數數思惟 [to contemplate repeatedly] {Charles Muller}

暑熱 [blazing heat of summer] {Charles Muller}

有具 [existing things] {Charles Muller}

永棄 [abandoned forever] {Charles Muller}

滅無 [to negate] {Charles Muller}

炎暑 [blazing heat of summer] {Charles Muller}

炎熱 [blazing heat of summer] {Charles Muller}

片言 [one side of the story] {Charles Muller}

王所相對 [contrast between (mind-) king and (mental) functions] {Charles Muller}

生得善 [innate wholesomeness] {Charles Muller}

相成 [to form each other] {Charles Muller}

簡持 [to select] {Charles Muller}

經頌言 [verse in the sutra says,] {Charles Muller}

義區 [divisions regarding interpretation] {Charles Muller}

能詮名 [words that express] {Charles Muller}

膚受 [superficial] {Charles Muller}

至餘處 [to arrive to another place] {Charles Muller}

識分位 [derivations of consciousness] {Charles Muller}

貪者 [one who craves] {Charles Muller}

起用 [to arise into activity] {Charles Muller}

遍了 [to comprehend fully] {Charles Muller}

隨堪 [according to oneʼs capacity] {Charles Muller}

內遣有情假緣智 [internal knowledge that expels the ephemeral object of sentient beings] {Charles Muller}

內遣諸法假緣智 [internal knowledge that expels the ephemeral object of dharmas] {Charles Muller}

遍遣一切有情諸法假緣智 [comprehensive knowledge that expels the ephemeral objects of sentient beings and dharmas] {Charles Muller}

永永 [forever] {Charles Muller}

轉齊 [to convert] {Charles Muller}

烈士 [upright man] {Charles Muller}

識實性 [real nature of consciousness] {Charles Muller}

正證 [authentic realization] {Charles Muller}

捨濫留純唯識 [consciousness of abandoning confusion and retaining the pure] {Charles Muller}

蛆螫 [to stung by venomous insects] {Charles Muller}

三重 [triple] {Charles Muller}

一主 [a single ruler] {Charles Muller}

加之 [moreover] {Charles Muller}

毒言 [poisonous words] {Charles Muller}

心一 [mental focus] {Charles Muller}

五法事理 [phenomena and principle in the five (categories of) dharmas] {Charles Muller}

三身卽一 [three bodies are one] {Charles Muller}

New CJKV-E entries: 143 (CJKV-E Total: 61,974)

暄暖 [warm] (Yao Zhang)

暄煦 [warm] (Yao Zhang)

暄燠 [warm] (Yao Zhang)

暑伏 [peak of summer heat] (Yao Zhang)

暑氣 [summer heat] (Yao Zhang)

暖和 [(to) make something warm] (Yao Zhang)

暖房 [house-warming party] (Yao Zhang)

暖氣 [warm air] (Yao Zhang)

暖爐 [stove for heating a room] (Yao Zhang)

炎暑 [blazing heat of summer] (Yao Zhang)

煖房 [house-warming party] (Yao Zhang)

煖爐 [stove] (Yao Zhang)

盛夏 [peak of summer] (Yao Zhang)

盛暑 [height of summer] (Yao Zhang)

酷暑 [summer heat] (Yao Zhang)

不知其所以然 [not knowing how it is so] (Charles Muller)

佷戻 [(to) go against the proper principles] (Charles Muller)

別的 [else] (Charles Muller)

勁怒 [furious] (Charles Muller)

唐宋音 [tang-Song pronunciation] (Charles Muller)

唯是 [specific term] (Charles Muller)

[calling] (Charles Muller)

[(to) lick] (Charles Muller)

[sound of drinking] (Charles Muller)

[voice] (Charles Muller)

[gate at the edge of the city district] (Charles Muller)

坎坷 [(to) ride on a bumpy road] (Charles Muller)

坎壈 [(to) ride on a bumpy road] (Charles Muller)

坎廩 [disappointed] (Charles Muller)

[uneven] (Charles Muller)

[(to) manage] (Charles Muller)

[lump of earth] (Charles Muller)

[disappointed] (Charles Muller)

壈坎 [disappointed] (Charles Muller)

[hole] [Zhongli] (Charles Muller)

外殼 [shell] (Charles Muller)

安足 [(to) stand] (Charles Muller)

尋歡 [(to) pursue happiness] (Charles Muller)

嵿 [peak] (Charles Muller)

[(to) tower] (Charles Muller)

嶟嶟 [steepness] (Charles Muller)

市街 [city street] (Charles Muller)

[bag] (Charles Muller)

干渉 [(to) interfere] (Charles Muller)

[blue and red pattern] (Charles Muller)

[walking alone] (Charles Muller)

[(to) think] (Charles Muller)

[scared] (Charles Muller)

[afraid] (Charles Muller)

悲哉 [alas!] (Charles Muller)

惡慧 [cunning] (Charles Muller)

[(to) doubt] (Charles Muller)

[(to) consider] (Charles Muller)

[contented] (Charles Muller)

[clear] (Charles Muller)

[(to) conduct] [Wuling] (Charles Muller)

[(to) pull sharply] (Charles Muller)

抵擋 [(to) interrupt] (Charles Muller)

抵攩 [(to) interrupt] (Charles Muller)

[(to) open up] (Charles Muller)

[(to) grope for] (Charles Muller)

[(to) scoop up] (Charles Muller)

[(to) expand] (Charles Muller)

[(to) offer up with both hands] (Charles Muller)

[(to) scatter] (Charles Muller)

[(to) push out] (Charles Muller)

[(to) weigh in the hand] (Charles Muller)

推徵 [(to) assume] (Charles Muller)

[(to) pull] (Charles Muller)

[(to) collide] (Charles Muller)

揬衝 [(to) collide] (Charles Muller)

[(to) bind up tightly] (Charles Muller)

[(to) knock] (Charles Muller)

搪揬 [(to) collide] (Charles Muller)

搪突 [(to) collide] (Charles Muller)

[(to) sew] (Charles Muller)

[(to) pull out] (Charles Muller)

擁戴 [(to) give oneʼs allegiance] (Charles Muller)

[(to) stab] (Charles Muller)

[(to) hinder] (Charles Muller)

[(to) turn over the hand] (Charles Muller)

[(to) hinder] (Charles Muller)

[(to) stab with a knife] (Charles Muller)

[(to) weigh in the hand] (Charles Muller)

散名 [specific name] (Charles Muller)

暑熱 [blazing heat of summer] (Charles Muller)

束緊 [(to) bind up tightly] (Charles Muller)

[bunge ash] (Charles Muller)

[Camellia shrub] (Charles Muller)

[kind of tree] (Charles Muller)

柉禁 [rectangular table or case, for keeping wine bottles] (Charles Muller)

[roots of trees] (Charles Muller)

[flail] (Charles Muller)

[acorn cup] (Charles Muller)

[snowshoes] (Charles Muller)

[cut wood] (Charles Muller)

[pivot] (Charles Muller)

[pivots at the top and bottom of a door] (Charles Muller)

[mandarin orange] (Charles Muller)

[undecorated vessel] (Charles Muller)

榲桲 [quince] (Charles Muller)

[bunge ash] (Charles Muller)

[fragrant cedar] (Charles Muller)

永棄 [abandoned forever] (Charles Muller)

永永 [forever] (Charles Muller)

深理 [profound principle] (Charles Muller)

滅沒 [(to) disappear] (Charles Muller)

濁亂 [confused] (Charles Muller)

然故 [therefore] (Charles Muller)

當來 [will come] (Charles Muller)

目方 [weight] (Charles Muller)

眞夏 [peak of summer] (Charles Muller)

立法 [(to) legislate] (Charles Muller)

立足 [(to) stand] (Charles Muller)

習慣 [(to) become accustomed to] (Charles Muller)

習讀 [(to) read well and repeatedly] (Charles Muller)

習貫 [(to) become accustomed to] (Charles Muller)

膚受 [superficial] (Charles Muller)

若不然 [if it is not so...] (Charles Muller)

衝撞 [(to) collide with] (Charles Muller)

設法 [(to) legislate] (Charles Muller)

警發 [(to) alert someone to] (Charles Muller)

警護 [vigilant] (Charles Muller)

貸借 [lending and borrowing] (Charles Muller)

轗軻 [(to) ride on a bumpy road] (Charles Muller)

追捕 [(to) hunt and capture] (Charles Muller)

追歡 [(to) pursue happiness] (Charles Muller)

遠祖 [distant ancestor] (Charles Muller)

釘鞋 [spiked shoes] (Charles Muller)

閃爍 [(to) flicker] (Charles Muller)

閃鑠 [(to) flicker] (Charles Muller)

[gate of a market] (Charles Muller)

阻攔 [(to) hinder] (Charles Muller)

陽春 [spring] [Yangchun] (Charles Muller)

須企 [(to) expect] (Charles Muller)

顯達 [(to) succeed] (Charles Muller)

顯露 [(to) reveal] (Charles Muller)

香椿 [fragrant cedar] (Charles Muller)

鳴叫 [animal call] (Charles Muller)

默止 [does not speak out] (Charles Muller)

鼎蓋 [cover of a kettle] (Charles Muller)

[cover of a tripod caldron] (Charles Muller)

[tree thorns] (Charles Muller)

Total new DDB and CJKV-E entries this month: 231