DDB and CJKV-E Monthly New Entries August 2020

Significantly Revised

心相續 [continuity of the mental stream] (Charles Muller)

等流 [continuity of sameness] (Charles Muller)

大拙祖能 [Daisetsu Sonō] (Griffith Foulk)

林間錄 [Linjian lu] (Erez Joskovich)

本明 [Honmyō] (Erez Joskovich)

景岑 [Jingcen] (Erez Joskovich)

New Entries: 69 (DDB Total: 74,517)

乾梁 [Kenryō] {Erez Joskovich}

公帖 [public placard] {Erez Joskovich}

坐公文 [absentee certificates] {Erez Joskovich}

得巖 [Tokugan] {Erez Joskovich}

得芳 [Tokuhō] {Erez Joskovich}

東純 [Tōjun] {Erez Joskovich}

林閒錄 [Linjian lu] {Erez Joskovich}

正猷 [Shōyū] {Erez Joskovich}

燄慧派 [En'e branch] {Erez Joskovich}

瑞見 [Zuiken] {Erez Joskovich}

金龍寺 [Golden Dragon Temple] {Erez Joskovich}

須益 [Shueki] {Erez Joskovich}

首版 [chief board] {Erez Joskovich}

鹿苑院 [Deer Park Temple] {Erez Joskovich}

龍澤 [Ryūtaku] {Erez Joskovich}

嗷訴 [divine demonstrations] {Lisa Kochinski}

孤僧 [itinerant monks] {Lisa Kochinski}

強訴 [divine demonstrations] {Lisa Kochinski}

眞禪融心義 [The Harmonization of Esoteric and Zen Buddhism] {Lisa Kochinski}

薦僧 [itinerant monks] {Lisa Kochinski}

觀中中諦 [Kanchū Chūtai] {Lisa Kochinski}

退耕行勇 [Taikō Gyōyū] {Lisa Kochinski}

圓照宗本 [Yuanzhao Zongben] {Stefan Grace}

淨慈寺 [Jingcisi] {Stefan Grace}

行端 [Xingduan] {Stefan Grace}

一尺 [one foot] {Charles Muller}

七異 [seven differences] {Charles Muller}

不記別 [unrecorded] {Charles Muller}

僧刹 [Buddhist temple] {Charles Muller}

匡山 [Kuangshan] {Charles Muller}

十種因 [ten reasons] {Charles Muller}

大石 [boulder] {Charles Muller}

婆毘吠迦 [Bhāviveka] {Charles Muller}

安足 [to stand] {Charles Muller}

[to put to work] {Charles Muller}

恃己於他 [to presume oneself to be better than others] {Charles Muller}

愴然 [sorrowful] {Charles Muller}

慄慄 [trembling] {Charles Muller}

慈和 [kind] {Charles Muller}

慈善 [kind] {Charles Muller}

慘然 [sad] {Charles Muller}

慨歎 [to sigh with regret] {Charles Muller}

慰勞 [to comfort somebody by gifts or entertainment] {Charles Muller}

慰安 [to comfort] {Charles Muller}

戈壁 [Gobi desert] {Charles Muller}

成過失 [to commit an error] {Charles Muller}

手搏 [to strike in a fistfight] {Charles Muller}

曉寤 [to understand clearly] {Charles Muller}

曉解 [to understand clearly] {Charles Muller}

曉達 [to understand thoroughly] {Charles Muller}

有德女所問經 [*Śrīmatī-brāhmaṇī-paripṛcchā-sūtra] {Charles Muller}

有德女所問大乘經 [*Śrīmatī-brāhmaṇī-paripṛcchā-sūtra] {Charles Muller}

梵志女首意經 [*Śrīmatī-brāhmaṇī-paripṛcchā-sūtra] {Charles Muller}

欲念 [desire] {Charles Muller}

版頭 [chief board] {Charles Muller}

硏心 [sharp mind] {Charles Muller}

總門唯識 [general interpretation of consciousness-only] {Charles Muller}

赤條條 [candid] {Charles Muller}

赤裸 [naked body] {Charles Muller}

除夕 [last day of the almanac] {Charles Muller}

除夜 [last day of the almanac] {Charles Muller}

非異熟 [not ripening] {Charles Muller}

鴆毒 [poison of the shrike] {Charles Muller}

New CJKV-E entries: 242 (CJKV-E Total: 62,916)

佐證 [(to) confirm] (Yao Zhang)

刻急 [cruel] (Yao Zhang)

存問 [(to) inquire about one's wellbeing] (Yao Zhang)

屯守 [(to) to guard] (Yao Zhang)

工人 [craftsman] (Yao Zhang)

工作 [(to) operate] (Yao Zhang)

工兵 [military engineer] (Yao Zhang)

工部 [ministry of Works] (Yao Zhang)

左傾 [inclined to the left] (Yao Zhang)

左券 [left half of a contract] (Yao Zhang)

左袒 [(to) help] (Yao Zhang)

左襢 [(to) take sides with] (Yao Zhang)

左證 [evidence] (Yao Zhang)

左道 [heterodoxy] (Yao Zhang)

巴山 [Bashan] (Yao Zhang)

巴戟天 [indian Mulberry] (Yao Zhang)

巴旦杏 [tibetan plum] (Yao Zhang)

市人 [townspeople] (Yao Zhang)

布穀 [hoopoe] (Yao Zhang)

感歎 [(to) express deep regrets] (Yao Zhang)

感觸 [emotional stirring] (Yao Zhang)

感謝 [thankful to] (Yao Zhang)

愧心 [ashamed] (Yao Zhang)

愧恨 [regretful] (Yao Zhang)

愧服 [(to) admire] (Yao Zhang)

愧赧 [(to) blush in shame] (Yao Zhang)

愴愴 [disconsolate] (Yao Zhang)

愼刑 [(to) exercise restraint in punishment] (Yao Zhang)

愼密 [with great caution and secrecy] (Yao Zhang)

愼罰 [(to) exercise restraint in punishment] (Yao Zhang)

慄慄 [fearful] (Yao Zhang)

慄然 [horror] (Yao Zhang)

慈和 [kind] (Yao Zhang)

慈姑 [kind mother-in-law] [kind of water plant with edible bulbs] (Yao Zhang)

慈母 [affectionate mother] (Yao Zhang)

慈烏 [compassionate crow] (Yao Zhang)

慈石 [magnet] (Yao Zhang)

慈祥 [kind] (Yao Zhang)

慈航 [boat of compassion] (Yao Zhang)

慈雨 [welcome rain] (Yao Zhang)

慌忙 [in a great hurry] (Yao Zhang)

慍怒 [chagrin] (Yao Zhang)

慘劇 [tragedy] (Yao Zhang)

慘急 [cruel] (Yao Zhang)

慘惻 [miserable] (Yao Zhang)

慘殺 [(to) kill brutally] (Yao Zhang)

慘沮 [miserable] (Yao Zhang)

慘淡 [dark] (Yao Zhang)

慘澹 [wretched] (Yao Zhang)

慘然 [sad] (Yao Zhang)

慘狀 [disastrous scene] (Yao Zhang)

慘綠 [dark green] (Yao Zhang)

慢世 [arrogant] (Yao Zhang)

慣性 [inertia] (Yao Zhang)

慧眼 [eye of wisdom] (Yao Zhang)

慨歎 [(to) sigh with regret] (Yao Zhang)

慰勞 [comfort somebody by gifts or entertainment] (Yao Zhang)

慰問 [(to) express sympathy] (Yao Zhang)

慰安 [(to) comfort] (Yao Zhang)

慰藉 [(to) render comfort] (Yao Zhang)

慾心 [desire] (Yao Zhang)

慾念 [desire] (Yao Zhang)

慾望 [desires] (Yao Zhang)

慾火 [fire of desire] (Yao Zhang)

憂悒 [anxious] (Yao Zhang)

憂悶 [depressed] (Yao Zhang)

憂懣 [depressed] (Yao Zhang)

憎嫌 [(to) hate] (Yao Zhang)

憎惡 [(to) detest] (Yao Zhang)

憎疾 [(to) detest] (Yao Zhang)

憐惜 [(to) feel tender and protective toward] (Yao Zhang)

憑仗 [(to) rely on] (Yao Zhang)

憑依 [(to) rely on] (Yao Zhang)

憑弔 [(to) visit a place for its memories] [evoke a sense of the past by looking at old historical places] (Yao Zhang)

憑據 [evidence] (Yao Zhang)

憑照 [evidence] (Yao Zhang)

憤恚 [deeply resentful] (Yao Zhang)

憤惋 [angry and sorry] (Yao Zhang)

憤憤 [restless] (Yao Zhang)

憤懣 [resentment] (Yao Zhang)

憤激 [indignant] (Yao Zhang)

憧憬 [(to) long for greatly] (Yao Zhang)

憫惻 [(to) pity] (Yao Zhang)

憲令 [laws and decrees] (Yao Zhang)

憲制 [laws and decrees] (Yao Zhang)

憲則 [laws and decrees] (Yao Zhang)

憲律 [laws and decrees] (Yao Zhang)

憲範 [laws and models] (Yao Zhang)

憲綱 [constitutional law] (Yao Zhang)

懈弛 [(to) slack off] (Yao Zhang)

懈意 [(to) show slacking of interest] (Yao Zhang)

應制 [essays or poems written in examinations] (Yao Zhang)

應募 [subscription] (Yao Zhang)

應唯 [(to) consent] (Yao Zhang)

應急 [(to) meet a contingency] (Yao Zhang)

應擧 [(to) take part in civil examinations] (Yao Zhang)

應詔 [essays or poems written in examinations] (Yao Zhang)

應試 [(to) take an exam] (Yao Zhang)

應諾 [(to) accept a request] (Yao Zhang)

應龍 [winged dragon] (Yao Zhang)

懍慄 [fear and trembling] (Yao Zhang)

懍懍 [fearful] (Yao Zhang)

懍然 [inspiring fear] (Yao Zhang)

戀情 [love between man and woman] (Yao Zhang)

戀愛 [(to) love] (Yao Zhang)

戀慕 [enamored with] [love at a distance or silently] (Yao Zhang)

戀歌 [love song] (Yao Zhang)

戈壁 [gobi desert] (Yao Zhang)

戍人 [frontier guard] (Yao Zhang)

戍守 [(to) set up a frontier garrison] (Yao Zhang)

戍役 [military service at the border regions] (Yao Zhang)

戍徭 [soldiers stationed at the border regions] (Yao Zhang)

戍樓 [watchtower] (Yao Zhang)

戍衞 [(to) guard] (Yao Zhang)

戍邊 [(to) guard the frontier regions] (Yao Zhang)

成算 [confidence in success] (Yao Zhang)

成育 [(to) grow up] (Yao Zhang)

戒旦 [(to) call by bugle for wakeup] (Yao Zhang)

戒晨 [(to) call for wakeup with a bugle] (Yao Zhang)

截然 [clearly] (Yao Zhang)

戰友 [comrade in arms] (Yao Zhang)

戰況 [conditions of a war zone] (Yao Zhang)

戰狀 [conditions of war zone] (Yao Zhang)

戰袍 [knee-length jacket of officers] (Yao Zhang)

戰骨 [skeletons on battlefield] (Yao Zhang)

戲場 [theater] (Yao Zhang)

戲子 [actors] (Yao Zhang)

戲文 [text of a play] (Yao Zhang)

戲院 [theater] (Yao Zhang)

戴勝 [hoopoe] (Yao Zhang)

戶主 [head of family] (Yao Zhang)

戶口 [registered residence] (Yao Zhang)

戶庭 [courtyard] (Yao Zhang)

戶部 [ministry of Interior] (Yao Zhang)

戶限 [threshold] (Yao Zhang)

戶頭 [personal bank account] (Yao Zhang)

所天 [that which is treasured or revered] (Yao Zhang)

所歡 [lover] (Yao Zhang)

扁柏 [flat-leafed cypress] (Yao Zhang)

扁桃 [flat peach] (Yao Zhang)

扁豆 [hyacinth bean;] (Yao Zhang)

扇面 [covering of a fan] (Yao Zhang)

手下 [under one's employ] (Yao Zhang)

手册 [handbook] (Yao Zhang)

手勢 [hand gesture] (Yao Zhang)

手帕 [handkerchief] (Yao Zhang)

手帖 [notebook] (Yao Zhang)

手技 [handicraft] (Yao Zhang)

手抄 [(to) make a hand copy] (Yao Zhang)

手搏 [(to) strike in a fistfight] (Yao Zhang)

手敕 [imperial order written by the ruler's own hand] (Yao Zhang)

手書 [handwritten document] (Yao Zhang)

手板 [tablet held with both hands during an imperial audience] (Yao Zhang)

手格 [(to) strike in a fistfight] (Yao Zhang)

手民 [hand typesetter] (Yao Zhang)

手版 [tablet held with both hands] (Yao Zhang)

手簡 [personal letter] (Yao Zhang)

手絹 [handkerchief] (Yao Zhang)

手翰 [personal note] (Yao Zhang)

手詔 [imperial order written by his own hand] (Yao Zhang)

手語 [dactylology] (Yao Zhang)

手談 [term for playing chess or cards] (Yao Zhang)

手跡 [original hand script] (Yao Zhang)

曆尾 [end of the almanac] (Yao Zhang)

曆書 [calendar with full horoscopic details] (Yao Zhang)

曉悟 [(to) understand clearly] (Yao Zhang)

曉暢 [(to) Understand thoroughly] (Yao Zhang)

曉解 [(to) understand clearly] (Yao Zhang)

曉達 [(to) understand thoroughly] (Yao Zhang)

村甲 [village head] (Yao Zhang)

欲念 [desire] (Yao Zhang)

歲除 [last day of the almanac] (Yao Zhang)

赧愧 [(to) feel ashamed and blush] (Yao Zhang)

里正 [village head] (Yao Zhang)

除夕 [last day of the almanac] (Yao Zhang)

除夜 [last day of the almanac] (Yao Zhang)

似我蜂 [sand wasp] (Charles Muller)

克制 [(to) overcome] (Charles Muller)

刻峻 [cruel] (Charles Muller)

刻深 [cruel] (Charles Muller)

反問 [(to) dispute] (Charles Muller)

噴激 [indignant] (Charles Muller)

忿懣 [resentment] (Charles Muller)

感嘆 [(to) express deep regrets] (Charles Muller)

慈善 [kind] (Charles Muller)

慙恨 [regretful] (Charles Muller)

憤悶 [resentment] (Charles Muller)

或許 [perhaps] (Charles Muller)

戲館 [theater] (Charles Muller)

戶長 [village head] (Charles Muller)

手札 [personal note] (Charles Muller)

曉寤 [(to) understand clearly] (Charles Muller)

木蝨 [wood louse] (Charles Muller)

村長 [village head] (Charles Muller)

深綠 [dark green] (Charles Muller)

牛虻 [horsefly] (Charles Muller)

瑞草 [auspicious grass] (Charles Muller)

甘藍 [cabbage] (Charles Muller)

硬貨 [metal coins] (Charles Muller)

竹蝨 [aphid] (Charles Muller)

細腰蜂 [sand wasp] (Charles Muller)

[stench of rotting meat] (Charles Muller)

[(to) boil meat] (Charles Muller)

[loins] (Charles Muller)

[(to) ladle] (Charles Muller)

[small boat] (Charles Muller)

[grass growing from last year's roots] (Charles Muller)

芝居小屋 [playhouse] (Charles Muller)

[name of a plant] (Charles Muller)

[flowers in full bloom] (Charles Muller)

[tall, thin grass] (Charles Muller)

茅芽 [sprouts of cogongrass] (Charles Muller)

[roots] (Charles Muller)

[water chestnut] (Charles Muller)

[auspicious grass] (Charles Muller)

[elsholtzia] (Charles Muller)

[large radish] (Charles Muller)

[young vegetation] (Charles Muller)

[flowers of waterside reeds] (Charles Muller)

[elsholtzia] (Charles Muller)

[bamboo hedge] (Charles Muller)

[(to) howl] (Charles Muller)

[aphid] (Charles Muller)

[woodlouse] (Charles Muller)

[cicada] (Charles Muller)

[larva of the Mimela beetle] (Charles Muller)

[crab] (Charles Muller)

[mud crab] (Charles Muller)

[mud crab] (Charles Muller)

[gadfly] (Charles Muller)

[spoonworm] (Charles Muller)

[rainbow] (Charles Muller)

裡長 [village head] (Charles Muller)

訂立 [(to) set up] (Charles Muller)

貨幣 [official currency] (Charles Muller)

里宰 [village head] (Charles Muller)

里長 [village head] (Charles Muller)

里魁 [village head] (Charles Muller)

陣羽織 [battle surcoat] (Charles Muller)

陳根 [old roots] (Charles Muller)

馮依 [(to) rely on] (Charles Muller)

(Charles Muller)

Total new DDB and CJKV-E entries this month: 311