DDB and CJKV-E Monthly New Entries January 2021

Significantly Revised

複中 [the complex middle] (Billy Brewster)

於諦 [basic truth] (Billy Brewster)

理具三千 [inherent inclusion of the three thousand in omnipresent principle] (Billy Brewster)

諸行無常 [all conditioned things are impermanent] (Billy Brewster)

維耶 [(1) Viśākhā; (2) Vaiśālī] (Jan Nattier)

興聖寺 [Kōshōji] (Griffith Foulk)

無有邊際 [completely intangible] (William Giddings)

New Entries: 239 (DDB Total: 75,074)

不堅固 [not firm] {Billy Brewster}

假無 [provisional non-existence] {Billy Brewster}

因成假 [provisional existence formed by causes] {Billy Brewster}

圓中 [the perfect middle] {Billy Brewster}

性具三千 [inherent inclusion of the three thousand in omnipresent nature] {Billy Brewster}

當釋 [will be explained later on] {Billy Brewster}

複假 [complex provisional] {Billy Brewster}

顚蹶 [subject to cognitive error] {Billy Brewster}

滿羅 [Benares] {Jan Nattier}

滿鄰奈 [Benares (Skt. Vārāṇasī/Bārāṇasī, Pali Bārāṇasī)] {Jan Nattier}

蒱鄰奈 [Benares (Skt. Vārāṇasī/Bārāṇasī, Pali Bārāṇasī)] {Jan Nattier}

蒲羅 [Bārāṇasī] {Jan Nattier}

蒲鄰奈 [Benares (Skt. Vārāṇasī/Bārāṇasī, Pali Bārāṇasī)] {Jan Nattier}

鄔波斯計 [upāsikā] {William Giddings}

闍婆國 [Sumatra] {William Giddings}

一貫 [penetrated by a single thread] {Charles Muller}

七倍 [sevenfold] {Charles Muller}

七多羅樹 [seven palm trees] {Charles Muller}

七略 [the seven epitomes of literature] {Charles Muller}

三界之表 [surface of the triple realm] {Charles Muller}

上下二方 [zenith and nadir] {Charles Muller}

上妙甘 [delicious] {Charles Muller}

下上 [below and above] {Charles Muller}

不傳 [does not transmit] {Charles Muller}

不宣說 [does not expound] {Charles Muller}

不抵 [does not refuse] {Charles Muller}

不結恨 [without resentment] {Charles Muller}

不著女色者 [one who is not attached to feminine beauty] {Charles Muller}

不親 [indirect] {Charles Muller}

世間勝義 [conventional ultimate truth] {Charles Muller}

世間相違過失 [fallacy of contradiction to common sense] {Charles Muller}

五河 [(Skt. Pañjāb)] {Charles Muller}

五百年 [five-hundred years] {Charles Muller}

他不成 [not accepted by the other] {Charles Muller}

令信 [to cause to believe] {Charles Muller}

何晏 [why are you late?] {Charles Muller}

何異 [how does it differ?] {Charles Muller}

佛形 [buddha form] {Charles Muller}

依正教心善解脫 [mind is well liberated based on correct teachings] {Charles Muller}

依眼根 [to rely on the visual faculty] {Charles Muller}

依門顯實諦 [truth expressing reality] {Charles Muller}

信入 [to believe in] {Charles Muller}

信義者 [one who is trustworthy] {Charles Muller}

修福業 [to cultivate meritorious karma] {Charles Muller}

修聖道 [to practice the noble path] {Charles Muller}

倚樂 [to take pleasure in] {Charles Muller}

假名安立 [nominally posited] {Charles Muller}

假名非安立 [nominally referred to as the unposited truth] {Charles Muller}

假說有情 [nominally designated (as) sentient beings] {Charles Muller}

偈句 [lines of verse] {Charles Muller}

偏愛 [favoritism] {Charles Muller}

優垤迦 [(Skt. Udraka)] {Charles Muller}

先際 [past life] {Charles Muller}

免脫 [release] {Charles Muller}

六分 [six parts] {Charles Muller}

六分毘曇 [six parts of the Abhidharma] {Charles Muller}

六種動 [six kinds of movement] {Charles Muller}

出俗 [leave the secular world] {Charles Muller}

出離世間 [renounce the world] {Charles Muller}

別理 [distinct principle] {Charles Muller}

利剛 [sharp] {Charles Muller}

到安隱 [to attain tranquility] {Charles Muller}

到無畏 [to attain fearlessness] {Charles Muller}

到達 [to reach] {Charles Muller}

加行觀 [to apply oneself to contemplation] {Charles Muller}

勝丈夫 [excellent person] {Charles Muller}

勝忍 [superior tolerance] {Charles Muller}

勸施 [to engage in charity] {Charles Muller}

北天竺 [Northern India] {Charles Muller}

十三觀 [thirteen visualizations] {Charles Muller}

可執 [graspable] {Charles Muller}

可毀壞 [corruptible] {Charles Muller}

咀嚼 [to chew] {Charles Muller}

和須密多 [Vasumitra] {Charles Muller}

和須密 [Vasumitra] {Charles Muller}

善修學 [studied well] {Charles Muller}

善思義如來 [Suvicintitârtha Tathāgata] {Charles Muller}

善調 [well trained] {Charles Muller}

四諦理 [principle of the four noble truths] {Charles Muller}

因果差別諦 [truth of distinctions in cause and effect] {Charles Muller}

圭璋 [jade sacrificial vessels] {Charles Muller}

坎井 [old, broken well] {Charles Muller}

壞時 [time of decay] {Charles Muller}

大財寶 [great wealth] {Charles Muller}

大龍丈夫 [great serpent person] {Charles Muller}

天池 [heavenly lake] {Charles Muller}

如光影 [like a reflection] {Charles Muller}

如法語 [true words] {Charles Muller}

如花丈夫 [flower-like person] {Charles Muller}

妙藥 [excellent medicine] {Charles Muller}

學者世間 [academic world] {Charles Muller}

宗源 [origin of a school] {Charles Muller}

實過 [real fallacy] {Charles Muller}

小利 [minor benefit] {Charles Muller}

已修學 [has studied] {Charles Muller}

已渡者 [one who has crossed over to the other shore. ] {Charles Muller}

師子丈夫 [man-lion] {Charles Muller}

師授 [lessons from a teacher] {Charles Muller}

形貌端正 [handsome] {Charles Muller}

徵詰 [censure] {Charles Muller}

德號 [name, or title, that expresses meritorious qualities] {Charles Muller}

心及心所 [mind and mental functions] {Charles Muller}

心所樂 [desired] {Charles Muller}

心無安 [mind is unsettled] {Charles Muller}

心行調柔 [amiable] {Charles Muller}

思惟大悲 [Mahākaruṇācintin] {Charles Muller}

怨嫉 [resentment] {Charles Muller}

恃慢 [pride] {Charles Muller}

恆相應 [always concomitant with] {Charles Muller}

恚恨 [anger] {Charles Muller}

悲憐 [compassionate] {Charles Muller}

惡見煩惱 [wrong views and afflictions] {Charles Muller}

愆過 [fault] {Charles Muller}

意許 [tacitly approved] {Charles Muller}

慚愧者 [one who has a sense of shame] {Charles Muller}

慧解脫者 [one whose wisdom is liberated] {Charles Muller}

慳著 [to be attached to] {Charles Muller}

應捨離 [to be excluded] {Charles Muller}

懷怨 [lasting enmity] {Charles Muller}

所了知 [that which is known] {Charles Muller}

所作究竟 [to complete the task] {Charles Muller}

所焚 [burnt] {Charles Muller}

抑揚 [to criticize or praise] {Charles Muller}

抗言 [to protest] {Charles Muller}

拔毒箭 [to remove poisonous arrows] {Charles Muller}

授記莂 [to receive assurance (of future enlightenment)] {Charles Muller}

方便安立諦 [truth posited as skillful means] {Charles Muller}

旁遮普 [(Skt. Pañjāb)] {Charles Muller}

明了者 [revealer] {Charles Muller}

時久 [long time] {Charles Muller}

更無所作 [nothing further to do] {Charles Muller}

書生 [intellectual] {Charles Muller}

有法自相相違過 [fallacy of contradicting the expressed-subject] {Charles Muller}

服袈裟 [don monastic robes] {Charles Muller}

木葉 [trees and leaves] {Charles Muller}

未及 [not reaching] {Charles Muller}

未幾 [soon after] {Charles Muller}

本實 [fundamental reality] {Charles Muller}

朱砂 [cinnabar] {Charles Muller}

東西南北 [East, West, South, and North] {Charles Muller}

[dark] {Charles Muller}

松脂 [pine resin oil] {Charles Muller}

松膏 [pine resin oil] {Charles Muller}

松膠 [pine resin oil] {Charles Muller}

根寂靜 [senses are calm] {Charles Muller}

極高 [extremely tall] {Charles Muller}

樂因 [cause of happiness] {Charles Muller}

欲希 [to desire] {Charles Muller}

歸崇 [to venerate] {Charles Muller}

毘婆沙者 [(Skt. vaibhāṣika)] {Charles Muller}

沐浴者 [one who has bathed] {Charles Muller}

法自相相違過 [fallacy of contradicting expressed predicate] {Charles Muller}

法體空 [dharmas are empty in essence] {Charles Muller}

泥藕 [lotus roots] {Charles Muller}

涼州 [Liangzhou] {Charles Muller}

漏盡者 [one who has exhausted (all impurities)] {Charles Muller}

無反報心 [ungrateful] {Charles Muller}

無忿怒 [without anger] {Charles Muller}

無我忍 [tolerance based on the awareness of no-self] {Charles Muller}

無戲 [without conceptual proliferation] {Charles Muller}

無所有起 [(Skt. Abhāva-samudgata)] {Charles Muller}

無染著者 [one who is free from defiled attachment] {Charles Muller}

無毒心 [without malicious thoughts] {Charles Muller}

無漏慧根 [untainted faculty of wisdom] {Charles Muller}

無耽著 [unattached] {Charles Muller}

爲淸涼 [to become clear] {Charles Muller}

爲簡別 [to be differentiated] {Charles Muller}

犢子道人 [(Skt. *Vātsīputrīya) ] {Charles Muller}

猶如幻化 [illusory] {Charles Muller}

猶如水 [like water] {Charles Muller}

珪璋 [jade sacrificial vessels] {Charles Muller}

甘露味論 [Treatise on the Taste of the Nectar of the Abhidharma] {Charles Muller}

甘露味毘曇 [Treatise on the Taste of the Nectar of the Abhidharma] {Charles Muller}

癡法 [delusory dharmas] {Charles Muller}

瞋事 [circumstances for anger] {Charles Muller}

瞋覆 [angry] {Charles Muller}

短羽 [short wings] {Charles Muller}

硃砂 [cinnabar] {Charles Muller}

筏蘇蜜多羅 [Vasumitra] {Charles Muller}

[to mix viscously] {Charles Muller}

繫屬魔 [under the sway of Māra] {Charles Muller}

耳目 [Ears and eyes] {Charles Muller}

耽樂 [indulgence in pleasure] {Charles Muller}

聞物國 [Śrāvastī (Pali Sāvatthi)] {Charles Muller}

能納受 [able to accept] {Charles Muller}

自不成 [not accepted by oneself] {Charles Muller}

自因 [own-cause] {Charles Muller}

芭蕉樹 [plantain tree] {Charles Muller}

[if] {Charles Muller}

荷負丈夫 [porter] {Charles Muller}

萬松 [Wansong] {Charles Muller}

萬松老人 [Wansong Laoren] {Charles Muller}

[gambling game played with dice] {Charles Muller}

藥王品 [Chapter of the Medicine King] {Charles Muller}

衆事分 [(Skt. prakaraṇa)] {Charles Muller}

衆事分毘曇 [Abhidharma-prakaraṇapāda-śāstra] {Charles Muller}

行秀 [Xingxiu] {Charles Muller}

被離 [to be separated from] {Charles Muller}

見實 [to see the truth] {Charles Muller}

言對 [to talk face-to-face] {Charles Muller}

言笑 [to talk and laugh] {Charles Muller}

該含 [to fully include] {Charles Muller}

說法相 [to explain the characteristics of the Dharma] {Charles Muller}

調伏者 [tamer] {Charles Muller}

諸佛語 [(all) the Buddha's words] {Charles Muller}

諸法體性 [intrinsic nature of (all) dharmas] {Charles Muller}

諸法體空 [all dharmas are empty of essence] {Charles Muller}

[to ask about something] {Charles Muller}

貪嗜 [to indulge in] {Charles Muller}

起悲愍心 [to arouse compassion] {Charles Muller}

身支 [limbs of the body] {Charles Muller}

道理勝義 [ultimate truth based on real principles] {Charles Muller}

達磨尸梨帝 [Dharmaśreṣṭhin] {Charles Muller}

鄰極亞聖 [extremely close second sage] {Charles Muller}

金輪聖帝 [gold wheel-turning sage king] {Charles Muller}

金輪聖王 [gold wheel-turning sage king] {Charles Muller}

錦綺 [silk brocade and figured cloth] {Charles Muller}

鏡照 [reflection from a mirror] {Charles Muller}

阿毘曇心 [Abhidharmasāra] {Charles Muller}

除棘刺者 [one who has removed the thorns] {Charles Muller}

陰無我 [selflessness of the aggregates] {Charles Muller}

陳留 [Chenliu] {Charles Muller}

陳謝 [to apologize for the situation] {Charles Muller}

隨事差別諦 [truth that accords with distinctions] {Charles Muller}

集異門 [a teaching to be recited together] {Charles Muller}

離食 [free from sensual desires or covetousness] {Charles Muller}

非宜 [unsuitable] {Charles Muller}

顚倒心 [cognitive distortion] {Charles Muller}

體用顯現諦 [truth expressing essence and function] {Charles Muller}

高大 [tall and large] {Charles Muller}

鵬翼 [wings of the Phoenix] {Charles Muller}

麤鄙 [crude] {Charles Muller}

New CJKV-E entries: 382 (CJKV-E Total: 63,980)

邏輯 [logic] (Joseph Adler)

伏刑 [executed] (Yao Zhang)

伏罪 [(to) admit to a crime] (Yao Zhang)

傍聽 [(to) be present at lecture] (Yao Zhang)

初春 [early spring] (Yao Zhang)

土堤 [earthen dike] (Yao Zhang)

字體 [calligraphic style] (Yao Zhang)

孟春 [early spring] (Yao Zhang)

對談 [conversation] (Yao Zhang)

左顧 [(to) look to the left] (Yao Zhang)

懾慴 [(to) retreat in fear] (Yao Zhang)

才人 [able man] (Yao Zhang)

拉丁 [(to) press-gang] (Yao Zhang)

拙生 [pupil] (Yao Zhang)

招攬 [(to) attract] (Yao Zhang)

掣曳 [(to) drag along] (Yao Zhang)

推挽 [(to) push and pull a carriage] (Yao Zhang)

推輓 [(to) push and pull a carriage] (Yao Zhang)

推轂 [(to) push the hub of a carriage] (Yao Zhang)

揄揚 [(to) praise] (Yao Zhang)

提攜 [(to) lead by the hand] (Yao Zhang)

敍勳 [(to) award a decoration] (Yao Zhang)

敖盪 [(to) play about] (Yao Zhang)

斐尾 [well decorated] (Yao Zhang)

斐斐 [well decorated] (Yao Zhang)

斗筲 [ancient bamboo rice container] (Yao Zhang)

斷層 [geologic fault] (Yao Zhang)

斷絃 [(to) snap the string on a string instrument] (Yao Zhang)

斷言 [(to) assert] (Yao Zhang)

斷送 [(to) forfeit] (Yao Zhang)

斷魂 [overwhelmed with sorrow] (Yao Zhang)

方且 [at present] (Yao Zhang)

方伯 [regional Earl] (Yao Zhang)

方技 [diagnostic professions] (Yao Zhang)

方案 [plan] (Yao Zhang)

方皇 [(to) wander about] (Yao Zhang)

方解石 [calcite] (Yao Zhang)

方鎭 [military commissioner] [defense command] (Yao Zhang)

施主 [benefactor] (Yao Zhang)

施工 [(to) process] (Yao Zhang)

施政 [(to) carry out policies] (Yao Zhang)

施爲 [(to) carry out] (Yao Zhang)

施賑 [(to) give relief to] (Yao Zhang)

旁妻 [secondary wife] (Yao Zhang)

旁皇 [(to) hover] (Yao Zhang)

旁聽 [(to) be present at lecture] (Yao Zhang)

旁魄 [(to) permeate widely] (Yao Zhang)

旋律 [melody] (Yao Zhang)

旋踵 [(to) turn on one's heel] (Yao Zhang)

族姓 [same surname (clan) and different surname (clan)] (Yao Zhang)

族子 [relative's children] (Yao Zhang)

族望 [family of high social standing] (Yao Zhang)

族譜 [genealogical table of a clan] (Yao Zhang)

族類 [tribe] (Yao Zhang)

旗頭 [flag officer] (Yao Zhang)

旗魚 [sailfish] (Yao Zhang)

日來 [(to) come every day] (Yao Zhang)

日射病 [sunstroke] (Yao Zhang)

日支 [daily expenses] (Yao Zhang)

日晡 [twilight] (Yao Zhang)

日暈 [halo around the sun] (Yao Zhang)

日曆 [diary] (Yao Zhang)

日課 [daily lessons] (Yao Zhang)

日輪 [solar disk] (Yao Zhang)

日錄 [daily record of events] (Yao Zhang)

旦夕 [morning and evening] (Yao Zhang)

旦昔 [morning and evening] (Yao Zhang)

早春 [early spring] (Yao Zhang)

早稻 [early season rice] (Yao Zhang)

昆布 [edible giant seaweed] (Yao Zhang)

昇汞 [corrosive sublimate] (Yao Zhang)

昇華 [sublimation] (Yao Zhang)

昌盛 [prosperous] (Yao Zhang)

明亮 [clear] (Yao Zhang)

明天 [tomorrow] (Yao Zhang)

明媚 [bright and beautiful] (Yao Zhang)

昏花 [dim-sighted] (Yao Zhang)

昏黃 [dusk] (Yao Zhang)

昏黑 [darkened] (Yao Zhang)

易換 [(to) change] (Yao Zhang)

易易 [very easy] (Yao Zhang)

易簀 [(to) change the mat bed for dying person] (Yao Zhang)

易與 [easy to get along with] (Yao Zhang)

昔年 [in years past] (Yao Zhang)

星光 [starlight] (Yao Zhang)

星彩 [starlight] (Yao Zhang)

星漢 [milky Way] (Yao Zhang)

星輝 [starlight] (Yao Zhang)

星采 [starlight] (Yao Zhang)

映帶 [(to) increase brilliance by mutual reflection] (Yao Zhang)

映照 [(to) cast light upon] (Yao Zhang)

映雪 [(to) reflect the light of snow] (Yao Zhang)

春夕 [spring evening] (Yao Zhang)

春夜 [spring evening] (Yao Zhang)

春宵 [spring night] (Yao Zhang)

春暉 [spring sunshine] (Yao Zhang)

春畫 [spring scenery] (Yao Zhang)

春禊 [spring cleansing festival by the waterside] (Yao Zhang)

昧爽 [early dawn] (Yao Zhang)

時效 [time limited efficacy] (Yao Zhang)

晏如 [contented] (Yao Zhang)

晏然 [contented] (Yao Zhang)

晏駕 [(to) pass away] (Yao Zhang)

晚學 [(to) study in one's later years] (Yao Zhang)

晚生 [pupil] (Yao Zhang)

晚節 [latter part of one's life] (Yao Zhang)

晚輩 [younger generation] (Yao Zhang)

晚進 [one of the upcoming generation] (Yao Zhang)

晚駕 [(to) pass away] (Yao Zhang)

曲藝 [insignificant skill] (Yao Zhang)

曳白 [(to) hand in a blank paper at examinations] (Yao Zhang)

書櫃 [book cabinet] (Yao Zhang)

書生 [student in academics] (Yao Zhang)

書癡 [bookworm] (Yao Zhang)

書目 [bibliography] (Yao Zhang)

書笈 [book cabinet] (Yao Zhang)

書簽 [book mark] (Yao Zhang)

書記 [written records] (Yao Zhang)

書題 [title or label of a book] (Yao Zhang)

書香 [fragrance of books] (Yao Zhang)

曼靡 [softly appealing] (Yao Zhang)

曼麗 [gorgeous] (Yao Zhang)

替換 [(to) change] (Yao Zhang)

最好 [best of all] (Yao Zhang)

會了 [(to) understand] (Yao Zhang)

會友 [(to) gather friends] (Yao Zhang)

會得 [(to) understand] (Yao Zhang)

會悟 [(to) realize] (Yao Zhang)

會戰 [(to) meet for a battle] (Yao Zhang)

會所 [meeting place] (Yao Zhang)

會社 [commercial firm] (Yao Zhang)

會萃 [(to) Congregate] (Yao Zhang)

會話 [conversation] (Yao Zhang)

會費 [membership dues] (Yao Zhang)

會陰 [perineum] (Yao Zhang)

會集 [(to) assemble] (Yao Zhang)

會面 [(to) meet face to face] (Yao Zhang)

月兒 [moon] (Yao Zhang)

月刊 [monthly publication] (Yao Zhang)

月半 [fifteenth day of the month] (Yao Zhang)

月子 [moon] (Yao Zhang)

月季 [monthly rose] (Yao Zhang)

月宮 [palace on the moon] (Yao Zhang)

月尾 [end of the month] (Yao Zhang)

月府 [palace of the moon] (Yao Zhang)

月旦 [first day of the month] (Yao Zhang)

月暈 [halo of the moon] (Yao Zhang)

月月紅 [monthly rose] (Yao Zhang)

月末 [end of the month] (Yao Zhang)

月桂 [(to) graduate in the imperial examinations] (Yao Zhang)

月琴 [moon-shaped lute] (Yao Zhang)

月輪 [full moon] (Yao Zhang)

月餠 [moon cake eaten during Mid-Autumn Festival] (Yao Zhang)

有效 [efficacious] (Yao Zhang)

有毒 [poisonous] (Yao Zhang)

有理 [reasonable] (Yao Zhang)

有緣 [(to) have luck] (Yao Zhang)

有趣 [interesting] (Yao Zhang)

有郤 [(to) have a gap] (Yao Zhang)

有限 [limited] (Yao Zhang)

有隙 [(to) have a gap] (Yao Zhang)

朋僚 [friends and colleagues] (Yao Zhang)

朋儔 [friends and associates] (Yao Zhang)

朋儕 [friends and colleagues] (Yao Zhang)

朋寮 [friends and colleagues] (Yao Zhang)

朋比 [(to) conspire] (Yao Zhang)

朋輩 [friends and associates] (Yao Zhang)

服制 [elaborate system of prescribed mourning dress and periods] (Yao Zhang)

服勞 [(to) serve] (Yao Zhang)

服用 [clothing] (Yao Zhang)

服罪 [(to) be executed] (Yao Zhang)

服色 [color of dress or carriages and horses] (Yao Zhang)

望子 [(to) hope one's son becomes a dragon] (Yao Zhang)

望族 [respected clan] (Yao Zhang)

望望 [look of disappointment or embarrassment] (Yao Zhang)

望遠鏡 [telescope] (Yao Zhang)

朝市 [court and market] (Yao Zhang)

木主 [spirit tablet] (Yao Zhang)

木乃伊 [mummy] (Yao Zhang)

木工 [carpenter] (Yao Zhang)

木強 [stiff] (Yao Zhang)

木彊 [stiff] (Yao Zhang)

木板 [wooden board] (Yao Zhang)

木炭 [charcoal] (Yao Zhang)

木牛流馬 [wooden ox and gliding horse] (Yao Zhang)

木筆 [magnolia flower] (Yao Zhang)

木精 [spirit of a tree] (Yao Zhang)

木耳 [edible tree fungus] (Yao Zhang)

木芍藥 [peonia] (Yao Zhang)

木芙蓉 [cotton rose hibiscus] (Yao Zhang)

木蘭 [magnolia] [Mulan] (Yao Zhang)

木賊 [scouring rush] (Yao Zhang)

木馬 [wooden horse] (Yao Zhang)

未亡人 [person who is due to die but hasn't yet] (Yao Zhang)

未冠 [bareheaded] (Yao Zhang)

未婚 [unmarried] (Yao Zhang)

末子 [youngest child] (Yao Zhang)

末業 [lower professions] (Yao Zhang)

末減 [(to) commute a sentence] (Yao Zhang)

本務 [proper duty] (Yao Zhang)

本地 [original nature of human beings] (Yao Zhang)

本州 [native place] [Honshu] (Yao Zhang)

本營 [headquarters] (Yao Zhang)

本能 [instinct] (Yao Zhang)

本錢 [capital] (Yao Zhang)

本陣 [troop headquarters] (Yao Zhang)

本願 [original vow] (Yao Zhang)

朱墨 [red ink] (Yao Zhang)

朱槿 [red hibiscus] (Yao Zhang)

朱蕣 [red hibiscus] (Yao Zhang)

朱軒 [red-painted carriage of the noblemen] (Yao Zhang)

朱輪 [red-painted carriage] (Yao Zhang)

朱顏 [drunk face] (Yao Zhang)

杏林 [apricot grove] (Yao Zhang)

杏花 [apricot flower] (Yao Zhang)

材人 [able man] (Yao Zhang)

村儒 [village scholar] (Yao Zhang)

村塢 [earthen bank surrounding a village] (Yao Zhang)

村墟 [village] (Yao Zhang)

村夫子 [village scholar] (Yao Zhang)

村夫 [country lad] (Yao Zhang)

村學師 [village scholar] (Yao Zhang)

村氣 [vulgar] (Yao Zhang)

村漢 [country lad] (Yao Zhang)

杖履 [walking stick and shoes] (Yao Zhang)

杖頭錢 [money for buying drink hung on top of walking cane] (Yao Zhang)

杜宇 [cuckoo] (Yao Zhang)

杜絕 [(to) eradicate completely] (Yao Zhang)

杜若 [pollia japonica] (Yao Zhang)

杜衡 [asarum blumei] (Yao Zhang)

束手 [(to) fold one's hands] (Yao Zhang)

束裝 [(to) pack up] (Yao Zhang)

杯酒 [cup of wine] (Yao Zhang)

松子 [pine nut] (Yao Zhang)

松實 [pine nut] (Yao Zhang)

松明 [pine torches] (Yao Zhang)

松楸 [pine and the catalpa] (Yao Zhang)

松毬 [pine nut] (Yao Zhang)

松濤 [whistling wind blowing through the pine forest] (Yao Zhang)

松火 [torch] (Yao Zhang)

松炬 [pine torches] (Yao Zhang)

松肪 [resin oil] (Yao Zhang)

松脂 [resin oil] (Yao Zhang)

松膏 [resin oil] (Yao Zhang)

松膠 [pine resin] (Yao Zhang)

松菌 [mushroom grown under pines] (Yao Zhang)

松蕈 [edible thick mushroom grown under pines] (Yao Zhang)

松蘿 [pine lichen] (Yao Zhang)

松香 [pine resin] (Yao Zhang)

松黃 [pine flowers with yellow pollen] (Yao Zhang)

板子 [ship plank] (Yao Zhang)

板蕩 [social chaos] (Yao Zhang)

板魚 [flounder] (Yao Zhang)

枉屈 [(to) distort the truth] (Yao Zhang)

枉曲 [injustice] (Yao Zhang)

枉死 [(to) die unjustly] (Yao Zhang)

枉車 [(to) condescendingly go to call on somebody] (Yao Zhang)

枉顧 [(to) condescendingly go to call on somebody] (Yao Zhang)

枉駕 [(to) condescendingly go to call on somebody] (Yao Zhang)

死臘 [mummy] (Yao Zhang)

母財 [capital] (Yao Zhang)

母錢 [capital] (Yao Zhang)

消魂 [(to) be overwhelmed with sorrow] (Yao Zhang)

盛昌 [prosperous] (Yao Zhang)

紅槿 [red hibiscus] (Yao Zhang)

羅甸 [Luodian] (Yao Zhang)

考案 [(to) examine one's achievements, abilities and ideas] (Yao Zhang)

臘丁 [Latin] (Yao Zhang)

銀蟾 [bright moon] (Yao Zhang)

銷魂 [(to) feel overwhelming joy or sorrow] (Yao Zhang)

長春花 [Chinese rose] (Yao Zhang)

面晤 [conference] (Yao Zhang)

面會 [(to) interview] (Yao Zhang)

面語 [conversation] (Yao Zhang)

面談 [interview] (Yao Zhang)

面陳 [(to) present face to face] (Yao Zhang)

一事 [one thing] (Charles Muller)

一形 [single form] (Charles Muller)

三洞 [Three profundities] (Charles Muller)

上聖 [excellent sage] (Charles Muller)

事前 [beforehand] (Charles Muller)

二重 [two layers] (Charles Muller)

五情 [five senses] (Charles Muller)

儒童 [lad] (Charles Muller)

六分 [six parts] (Charles Muller)

共棲 [symbiosis] (Charles Muller)

共生 [symbiosis] (Charles Muller)

冠絕 [unique] (Charles Muller)

南史 [Nanshi] (Charles Muller)

名儒 [excellent (Confucian) scholar] (Charles Muller)

周弘正 [Zhou Hongzheng] (Charles Muller)

周弘政 [Zhou Hongzheng] (Charles Muller)

周朝 [zhou dynasty] (Charles Muller)

[hill] (Charles Muller)

[Lu] (Charles Muller)

大方伯 [great regional earl] (Charles Muller)

大益 [great benefit] (Charles Muller)

大財寶 [great wealth] (Charles Muller)

妙藥 [excellent medicine] (Charles Muller)

[(to) vilify] (Charles Muller)

[(to) vilify] (Charles Muller)

[attractive] (Charles Muller)

孟郊 [Meng Jiao] (Charles Muller)

學修 [(to) study] (Charles Muller)

寒燈 [lonely lantern] (Charles Muller)

將作 [directorate of construction and civil engineering] (Charles Muller)

對話 [conversation] (Charles Muller)

張機 [Zhang Ji] (Charles Muller)

得聖 [(to) become a sage] (Charles Muller)

復習 [(to) review] (Charles Muller)

意圖 [(to) intend to do] (Charles Muller)

揭載 [(to) publish] (Charles Muller)

方伎 [diagnostic professions such as necromancy, astrology, medicine] (Charles Muller)

日落 [sunset] (Charles Muller)

日餔 [twilight] (Charles Muller)

[evening] (Charles Muller)

昏憊 [groggy] (Charles Muller)

晩禾 [late season rice] (Charles Muller)

晩稻 [late season rice] (Charles Muller)

書籤 [bookmark] (Charles Muller)

月旦評 [criticism] (Charles Muller)

朋徒 [friends and associates] (Charles Muller)

朗鑑 [clear mirror] (Charles Muller)

木材 [timber] (Charles Muller)

未熟 [unripe] (Charles Muller)

杖屨 [walking stick and shoes] (Charles Muller)

柔媚 [(to) soften by flattery] (Charles Muller)

柱飛史 [archivist] (Charles Muller)

概觀 [(to) survey] (Charles Muller)

氏族 [clan] (Charles Muller)

泯沒 [(to) obliterate] (Charles Muller)

泯没 [(to) obliterate] (Charles Muller)

泯滅 [(to) obliterate] (Charles Muller)

泯盡 [obliterated] (Charles Muller)

淵府 [great repository] (Charles Muller)

淸河 [Qinghe] (Charles Muller)

游蕩 [(to) play about] (Charles Muller)

無比 [incomparable] (Charles Muller)

田舍子 [country lad] (Charles Muller)

田舍漢 [country lad] (Charles Muller)

田舍兒 [country lad] (Charles Muller)

略陳 [(to) explain briefly] (Charles Muller)

眞際 [reality] (Charles Muller)

究極 [final] (Charles Muller)

窮微 [extremely subtle] (Charles Muller)

素王 [uncrowned king] (Charles Muller)

習得 [(to) learn] (Charles Muller)

老教 [teachings of Laozi] (Charles Muller)

聖跡 [sagely achievements] (Charles Muller)

聖迹 [sagely achievements] (Charles Muller)

能仁 [Śākyamuni] (Charles Muller)

至如 [another matter] (Charles Muller)

舊疏 [earlier commentary] (Charles Muller)

處方箋 [prescription] (Charles Muller)

螢影 [light of a firefly] (Charles Muller)

螢明 [light of a firefly] (Charles Muller)

螢燭 [light of a firefly] (Charles Muller)

螢色 [light of a firefly] (Charles Muller)

言對 [(to) talk face-to-face] (Charles Muller)

路岐 [fork in the road] (Charles Muller)

迷戀 [enamored with] (Charles Muller)

連邦 [commonwealth] (Charles Muller)

遊蕩 [(to) play about] (Charles Muller)

[arrow] (Charles Muller)

[(to) slash] (Charles Muller)

[tripod cauldron] (Charles Muller)

[spool] (Charles Muller)

[metal wrap-around cap] (Charles Muller)

防禁使 [Defense Commissioner] (Charles Muller)

防禁 [(to) guard against] (Charles Muller)

陳謝 [(to) apologize for the situation] (Charles Muller)

難折 [(to) censure] (Charles Muller)

靈寶 [excellent treasure] (Charles Muller)

靈跡 [sacred site] (Charles Muller)

靈蹟 [sacred site] (Charles Muller)

靈迹 [sacred site] (Charles Muller)

鵬翼 [wings of the Phoenix] (Charles Muller)

[pelican] (Charles Muller)

[oriole] (Charles Muller)

麤鄙 [crude] (Charles Muller)

[small drum] (Charles Muller)

[gums] (Charles Muller)

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