The Rangjung Yeshe Tibetan-English Dictionary of Buddhist Culture

Presented by Erik Hein Schmidt

New CD ROM version 2.0

The Dharma Dictionary is an ongoing project involved in compiling Buddhist terminology and translation terms to bridge the Tibetan and English languages. Begun in 1979, it has slowly grown to a database of approximately 5 megabytes, with more than 66,000 entries. Comparatively, the Tibetan-English Dictionary of Sarat Chandra Das has approximately 27,000 entries. The project is supported by Rangjung Yeshe Translations and Publications, located in the Kathmandu valley of Nepal. The Dharma Dictionary is a compilation of: Verified entries from existing dictionaries, word-lists and glossaries selected on a practical usage basis - terminology used by translators of the present day who have received extensive teachings from living Buddhist masters - selected definitions and clarifications from classical literary works - information of literary personages, sacred places, and names of scriptures.

The Dharma Dictionary spans the areas of being an extensive glossary, a list of usage of Buddhist terms in present day works of translation, a massive amount of dictionary entries, a lexicography of places, people and literary works, and an encyclopedic covering of topics of importance to the Buddhist world. Due to numerous requests, the staff of the Dharma Dictionary Project have decided to make the work available to users - students, scholars and translators of Tibetan Buddhist literature - in order to further the spreading and understanding of the precious teachings. The work is published as an electronic version on CD ROM so the dictionary can be an on-line tool. There are several formats - ASCII file, with each entry separated by paragraph marks, database, and search formats. The text file. Can be imported into all known word-processors and data-base programs.

Contents of version 2.0 1. Rangjung Yeshe dictionary version 2.0. Textfile for the PC. ry-dic99.txt. 2. Dictionary Search 1.0. by Gerry Wiener. dsearch.exe (c) Nitartha International. 3. Tibetan-English Dictionary. Dos version. (c) James Valby. 4. Rangjung Yeshe dictionary 1.0 for the PC. Dos version. 5. Rangjung Yeshe dictionary 1.0 for the PC in database format by Leonardo Gribaudo. 6. Rangjung Yeshe dictionary 1.0. Textfile for the Mac. 7. Information about Sambhota Tibetan software. 8. Buddhist internet contacts. 9. Acknowledgements.

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Proceeds from the dictionary will go to Buddhist retreat centers and full-time practitioners.

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